Ex-Secretary Pompeo Slams Biden’s Strategy on China as ‘Naive’, Warns of Rising Influence

Ex-Secretary Pompeo Slams Biden's Strategy on China as 'Naive', Warns of Rising Influence
Ex-Secretary Pompeo Slams Biden's Strategy on China as 'Naive', Warns of Rising Influence
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President Biden’s recent remarks concerning China’s role in global trade have been criticized by the former Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo. Speaking in Vietnam, Biden made a statement that he doesn’t “want to contain China.” However, according to Pompeo, this statement is foolish and naïve, as it fails to recognize that Xi Jinping’s behavior has directly led to the current state of US-China relations.

Pompeo argues that China’s behavior under Xi Jinping has been aggressive and that the country has taken steps that are detrimental to American interests. For one, he notes that China has engaged in intellectual property theft worth billions of dollars and was responsible for releasing the Covid-19 virus upon the world. As such, treating them with kid gloves and attempting to maintain a peaceful relationship is just evidence of incompetence on the part of the Biden administration.

Moreover, the Chinese government has run massive spy operations within the United States, infiltrating universities and acquiring massive land holdings near US military installations, as described in the Prohibition of Agricultural Land for the People’s Republic of China Act. According to the act, CCP-affiliated entities have acquired $2 billion worth of American agricultural land in just a year, increasing their American land holdings tenfold over the past decade. As a result, CCP-controlled entities are now purchasing American farmland, which is strategically positioned near U.S. military bases, raising alarm bells in the conservative community.

Pompeo’s statement underscores that China, under the CCP’s rule, poses the biggest threat to the United States in its history. According to Pompeo, China’s influence is felt in nearly every area of American life, including military, education, private industry, and government. It is time to take a unified approach to combat this enormous threat, as China has continuously acted out on its anti-American agenda.

The former secretary of state had previously blamed China for spreading the Covid-19 virus while also accusing the CCP of endangering American lives by allowing hundreds of thousands of Chinese travelers to leave Wuhan in the middle of the pandemic’s outbreak. Consequently, Pompeo suggested that there is an urgent need to recognize the danger posed by the Chinese Communist Party’s regime and to take immediate action to contain it. From agriculture to military and government, it is apparent that China’s nefarious policies and tactics leave no corner of America untouched. Therefore, the Biden administration needs to take firm measures against China to safeguard the country’s interests and protect its citizens.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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