September 17, 2023

Poll Reveals Trump Trusted More by Americans to Handle Economy than Biden

Poll Reveals Trump Trusted More by Americans to Handle Economy than Biden

Sure to spark debate, recent data from Suffolk University Sawyer Business School reveals a startling consensus – the majority of Americans, especially independent voters, believe the economy flourished more under Trump than under Biden. A mere 36 percent support Biden’s approach, while a striking 47 percent lean toward Trump. Staggering inflation, skyrocketing living expenses and the largest income drop in a decade all paint a stark picture of economic frustration that cannot be ignored, raising the critical question of Biden’s ability to turn things around.

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Biden's Impeachment Demand Rising: 41% Voters Want Inquiry, New Poll Reveals!

Americans Agree on Biden Impeachment Inquiry, New Poll Shows

The American, titan-like, demands justice once again. Reuters/Ipsos revealed an interesting statistic: Although the media tries to ignore it, 41 percent of voters are now calling for an impeachment inquiry into President Biden concerning allegations of influence peddling with foreign nations via his son – compared to just 35 percent opposed. Institutions scramble. Data piles up. Yet, the Democrats deny all. Will the public’s cries be heeded or will history record another crushing blow to confidence in the nation’s highest office? Watch this chapter of politics unfold. The people roared – will the halls of power listen?

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