Poll Reveals Trump Trusted More by Americans to Handle Economy than Biden

Poll Reveals Trump Trusted More by Americans to Handle Economy than Biden
Poll Reveals Trump Trusted More by Americans to Handle Economy than Biden
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Americans are in dire need of a savior to rescue the economy from the grasping hands of the incompetent Biden administration. Trust in Donald Trump to handle the economy is unwavering, according to the latest Suffolk University Sawyer Business School/USA TODAY poll, even among independent voters who are dissatisfied with Biden’s poor judgment and flimsy policies.

A whopping 59 percent of Americans disapprove of Biden’s handling of the economy, which is unsettling for the 80-year-old president. His policies have caused the economy to plummet, and to make matters worse, 67 percent of independents and a third of Democrats believe the economy is deteriorating under his watch.

When it comes to trusting a leader to better the economy, Americans overwhelmingly chose Donald Trump. Forty-seven percent of respondents said they trust Trump to make the economy better, while only 36 percent said the same of Biden. When looking solely at independent voters, the gap widens further, as 46 percent trust Trump to improve the economy, compared to a mere 26 percent who have any confidence in Biden – a vast 20-point difference.

It is no surprise that inflation has dominated Biden’s presidency, as he flails around without any clear plan of action. Concerns about food and gas prices continue to linger, and grocery prices have skyrocketed 19.6 percent. This has a detrimental effect on families’ budgets, resulting in people having less food on their plates each night.

Although the rate of inflation has reduced marginally since last year, when food prices were up by 13 percent compared to the previous year, there is no indication of a return to pre-Biden price levels. Instead, food prices only seem to be settling into a permanently higher price level, with impressively high rates of monthly increases. To put it in perspective, a recent USA Today report stated that “Eighty-four percent of Americans say their cost of living is rising, and food and groceries are the top concerns.”

The harsh reality check is that America has suffered its biggest drop in household income in over a decade in 2022, but under Trump’s administration, the economy boomed. A real median household income drop of 2.3 percent in one year demonstrates the catastrophic damage Biden has caused, resulting in the fourth-worst year in records since 1985. But under Trump, the economy thrived, reaching never before seen heights, and citizens experienced record-breaking employment rates and income growth.

It is clear that Americans made a colossal error by electing Biden, and through his misguided and weak leadership, he has led America into a dark and tumultuous time. Now, more than ever, is the time for a leader with a proven track record of economic success, and the people have spoken: they trust Donald Trump to get the job done.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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