Arkansas Governor Defends Sovereignty, Seizing CCP-owned Farmland under New Law

Arkansas Governor Defends Sovereignty, Seizing CCP-owned Farmland under New Law
Arkansas Governor Defends Sovereignty, Seizing CCP-owned Farmland under New Law
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In a landmark move that will undoubtedly reverberate through geopolitical and agricultural corridors, Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders commanded a Chinese state-owned corporation to part with over 100 acres of fertile farmland nestled in the northeast of Arkansas. This deliberate, pioneering push back against perceived threats of foreign influence marks the fruition of Act 636— a rigorous law enacted by Sanders earlier this year which distinctly denied any agricultural land ownership in Arkansas to certain foreign entities— primely, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The 160-acre land owned by Syngenta, a significant global agrichemical company currently controlled by the CCP via its parent company ChemChina, will be the first asset seized under this law. The severe consequences of the violation of Act 636 was announced by Governor Sanders, Arkansas Attorney General Tim Griffin, and Agriculture Secretary Wes Ward.

The CCP is reported to have used its 160-acre property owned by Syngenta in Arkansas for alleged seed research. However, the U.S. Department of Defense casts aspersions on this claim, listing Syngenta’s parent company ChemChina as a military company.

In less than one year, Governor Sanders has made remarkable strides within her state: She’s enacted comprehensive education reform, reduced state taxes on a massive scale, reinforced regulations against violent criminals, and set up safeguards against COVID mandates. Concurrently, she has instigated significant restrictions on foreign interference within her borders.

Today, as we observe the consequential outcomes of Governor Sanders’ monumental legislation, we bear witness to the potency of strong leadership and its palpable impact. The CCP’s pervasive influence within the U.S. is being met with resistance, marking a turning point for this nation’s sovereignty on its own soil. As Sanders stands firm in her unwavering commitment to championing American interests over those of foreign entities, she sets a new course for other leaders to follow. The resounding message to international interests is clear: America’s lands are not for sale. Victory today belongs to those who have valiantly endeavored to protect their own, who’ve championed their national interests and secured liberty on native ground; a fact effectively enshrined by Governor Sanders.

Next News Network Team

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