Biden’s Border Crisis: More Migrants Welcomed than American Newborns

Dawn of a Dilemma: American Dream Clouded by immigration Overload!
Dawn of a Dilemma: American Dream Clouded by immigration Overload!
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Under President Joe Biden’s lax leadership, the U.S. saw a staggering intake of migrants — a number that shockingly surpasses the birth of new Americans and the graduates stepping into the workforce. Over the past year, more than 4 million migrants have taken advantage of our open borders, as revealed by federal data.

In stark contrast, births within our nation tallied just 3.67 million during the same period. Disturbingly, a considerable portion of these births, roughly 400,000, were to undocumented migrants. Meanwhile, our young Americans, a group of 3 million graduates eager to join the workforce, now face fierce competition from this overwhelming inflow of migrants.

These numbers aren’t just stats on paper; they have tangible consequences. Real estate is becoming increasingly out of reach for ordinary Americans. A revealing New York Times article highlighted the heart-wrenching plight of homeless Americans now resorting to live in their cars. Yet, many migrants seem to enjoy swift placements into American housing. This isn’t pure chance but rather the result of government-funded initiatives and progressive groups that prioritize migrants over the very citizens they’re entrusted to serve.

Perhaps the most cunning move by the Biden Administration was the sneaky release of these alarming statistics on a Saturday — a day notorious for its low news consumption. The motive? Clearly, to sweep their shortcomings under the rug.

Furthermore, these figures only scratch the surface. An estimated 1.5 million “gotaways” managed to enter the country unnoticed, bringing the total to a jaw-dropping 5 million migrants in just one year. For context, President Trump’s final year in office witnessed a mere 151,000 inflow.

The profile of these migrants is also noteworthy. While some may argue for sympathy towards migrants fleeing immediate dangers, many among this influx hail from economically booming nations such as China, India, and Turkey. This isn’t merely a humanitarian effort; it’s an unabashed invitation to anyone and everyone.

Another disturbing revelation is the number of young migrants taking perilous journeys, lured by loopholes in U.S. immigration policies. Sadly, a significant number of them end up in dangerous work conditions or worse.

Biden’s economic policies, in conjunction with unchecked immigration, have dire consequences. Home affordability has plummeted, with average Americans now needing to earn a record-breaking $114,627 annually to purchase a median-priced home. Simultaneously, real wages are dwindling, thanks to the rampant inflation that Biden’s administration seems unable to control.

Polls indicate that ordinary Americans are waking up to this grim reality. The question remains: when will the Biden Administration? The undeniable truth? Under Biden’s reign, the American dream is becoming more elusive than ever.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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