Biden’s Blunder: How Joe’s Latest Political Stunt Might Cost Him BIG Time in 2024!

Biden's Army Stokes 2024 Fire with Gritty Write-In Campaign Amid New Hampshire Political Drama!
Biden's Army Stokes 2024 Fire with Gritty Write-In Campaign Amid New Hampshire Political Drama!
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In a shocking display of political maneuvering, Joe Biden’s backers scrambled to launch a write-in campaign in New Hampshire. Their desperate bid? To rescue an increasingly unpopular president from a humiliating defeat in the nation’s premier Democrat primary.

Biden audaciously missed the state’s balloting deadline, parading it as a move to back the Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) revamped primary state nominating schedule. In what many see as a ploy to recreate his 2020 win, Biden and the DNC cabal have snubbed New Hampshire to place their bets on South Carolina, the very state that propped up Biden against the likes of Bernie Sanders.

But here’s the catch: New Hampshire’s Democrat primary is slated for January 23, 2024 – a whole month before the DNC’s handpicked South Carolina date. By sidelining New Hampshire, CNN warns that Biden risks facing severe penalties, including losing party delegates for the main convention. Biden’s ambition could even see him barred from campaigning in New Hampshire!

In a desperate plea, Biden’s campaign manager, Julie Chavez Rodriguez, tried sweet-talking New Hampshire Democrat Chair Ray Buckley to let Biden flout the state rules and sneak onto the ballot. “The president is incredibly grateful for the support that Granite Staters have shown him…” she attempted to charm.

But Buckley wasn’t having any of it. His crisp response made it clear: Biden needs to play by the rules. So, while 21 Democrat names will grace the New Hampshire ballot, Biden’s won’t be one of them. Hence, the frantic “Write-In Joe Biden” campaign. Their site claims, “…it’s important to show the world that thousands of New Hampshire voters are supporting President Joe Biden.” But one has to wonder, if Biden was so sure of the support, why play political games in the first place?

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