De Niro’s Anti-Trump Tirade Censored, Exposing Hollywood’s Hypocrisy

Robert De Niro's Anti-Trump Speech Edit Causes Stir at Gotham Awards
Robert De Niro's Anti-Trump Speech Edit Causes Stir at Gotham Awards
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Hollywood legend Robert De Niro faced a surprising setback during his recent appearance at the Gotham Awards in New York City. De Niro, known for his unapologetic criticism of former President Donald Trump, discovered that his prepared anti-Trump remarks had been edited out, as reported by Variety. This incident has sparked discussions about censorship and the actor’s ongoing fixation with the Trump presidency.

De Niro, visibly frustrated, insisted on reading the censored comments from his phone, expressing his displeasure with the organizers for editing his speech. He questioned the audacity of the censorship, especially after planning to acknowledge sponsors like Apple in his speech.

The New York Post captured De Niro’s sentiment, tweeting about the incident and igniting a wave of reactions on social media. Critics pointed out the irony of a prominent left-leaning figure like De Niro being upset over censorship, a complaint more commonly associated with conservative voices. Some online commenters highlighted the actor’s shift from a mysterious screen presence to a less impressive political commentator.

Users on various platforms remarked on the actor’s profession, which involves portraying fictional characters, suggesting that his political opinions carry little weight. Others questioned why entertainers frequently delve into politics during unrelated events, potentially alienating half of their audience.

This episode marks another chapter in De Niro’s long history of anti-Trump speeches, including his infamous expletive-laden outburst at the 2018 Tony Awards, which received applause from the audience. This latest incident at the Gotham Awards has brought to light the ongoing tension between Hollywood celebrities and political discourse, particularly in relation to the former President Trump.

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