Heritage Economist Slams Target Pride – Insists DOJ Should Hit Them Hard! Find Out Why!

Heritage Economist Slams Target Pride - Insists DOJ Should Hit Them Hard! Find Out Why!
Heritage Economist Slams Target Pride - Insists DOJ Should Hit Them Hard! Find Out Why!
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Target is at it again. This time, they’re promoting their summer ‘pride’ collection, having faced backlash in 2023 for pushing similar agenda featuring products from a notorious ‘Satanic’ designer. E.J. Antoni, a respected economist from our Heritage Foundation, took a critical stance, labeling Target’s actions as the needless and perverse sexualization of our children.

Target unveiled its ‘pride’ collection for 2024 on May 9th. According to them, this collection will be available online and in specific stores determined by past sales performance. The decision to curtail rampant propagation of LGBT propaganda in their stores was met with jubilation from some quarters. However, Antoni was not swayed.

“To cut to the chase, what Target continues to do is the outright sexualization of children,” Antoni said emphatically. “It’s a disgrace. Instead of being taken to task, chastised, or even prosecuted by our Department of Justice, they are being given a free run. That’s appalling.”

But promotion of ‘pride’ is just the tip of the iceberg. Target also pledged to support certain LGBTQIA+ organizations, including the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), a force trying to force-feed radical gender theory down the throats of establishments. HRC’s ‘Corporate Equality Index’ (CEI) is based on elements like inclusivity of “gender identity” and “sexual orientation” in company policies and their provision of facilities suitable for trans-employees.

HRC had awarded Target a perfect CEI score of 100 in 2022, but it was downgraded to 95 in 2023. Regardless, Target remains a ‘platinum partner’ with HRC, the highest partnership level, continued support that helps keep HRC afloat.

Antoni isn’t alone in exposing Target’s corporate ideological manipulation. As reported by the 1792 Exchange, a non-profit opposing ‘woke’ ideology, Target obliges their employees to undertake ideological training and leverages its corporate persona, funds, and political clout to propagate controversial gender ideologies and support related organizations and legislation.

Target’s tentacles infiltrate further by applying “sex and gender ideology criteria” for hiring and vendor selection. Appallingly, Target even covers the expenses for ‘transgender medical procedures’ for its employees and their dependents, our children inclusive.

It’s high time to holler out the unsettling truth, folks: our conservative values and principles are being assaulted! Let’s not stand idle and silent – reach out to newsgiants like ABC News, CBS News, and NBC News and demand they shed light on the egregious actions of Target and its support for the HRC.


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