Shocking Video: Bill Maher Claims Stormy Daniels’ Astounding Switch from ‘Bad Witness’ to Victim!

Shocking Video: Bill Maher Claims Stormy Daniels' Astounding Switch from 'Bad Witness' to Victim!
Shocking Video: Bill Maher Claims Stormy Daniels' Astounding Switch from 'Bad Witness' to Victim!
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Tune into HBO on a Friday night and you’ll catch Bill Maher on Real Time criticizing Democrats for their failed attempts to orchestrate any substantial legal problems for Trump, stating plainly, “it’s Stormy or bust.” As Maher goes on to paint adult film actress Stormy Daniels as a “bad witness” for continuously altering her narrative, one can’t help but question the game Democrats are playing here.

Maher himself points out a contradiction in Daniels’ narrative. In the past, he sat down with Daniels during his show in 2018, where he questioned her about her involvement with Trump. On that occasion, Daniels didn’t brand herself as a victim. She firmly dismissed the idea that she was coerced or exploited, going on to criticize attempts to categorize her plight under the #MeToo movement. Yet, her recent declaration in court paints a surprisingly different picture.

In a radical shift from her initial stance, she’s resorting to inflammatory buzzwords characteristic of the #MeToo movement. She accuses Trump of being physically menacing, implying a power imbalance, and even dramatizing the story by claiming she blacked out – a stark contrast to her past declarations. It progressively becomes clearer that there is a deliberate attempt to paint a certain picture.

Even Frank Bruni from the New York Times light-heartedly joked that he might black out in the presence of Trump, and Maher wasted no time in reminding everyone of Daniels’ profession, which routinely involves sex with strangers. The parallel drawn by Maher is not exactly subtle – exaggerated allegations from someone in an industry where resilience is a de facto standard does not hold water.

Douglas Murray of the New York Post also chimed in, pointing out this inevitable disappointment awaiting those banking on Daniels to pave the way to Trump’s downfall.

Maher lauded New York Times executive editor Joe Kahn’s decision to remain neutral and not champion Team Biden. Murray also echoed these sentiments, acknowledging that the audience is not as daft as they assume and they can spot media manipulation easily. Citing an example from the past, he touched on the suppression of the controversial Hunter Biden laptop story in 2020.

Undoubtedly, journalistic neutrality is a noble goal, as Bruni also agreed. He confessed the media can’t distort the reality to serve a narrative, pitching Trump as the villain consistently. Yet, he insisted, it isn’t a simple game of ‘eenie-meanie-miney-mo’ – we need to call out delusion when we see it, regardless of who displays it – Trump or Biden.

In a nutshell, Maher’s observations, paired with testimonies from Bruni and Murray, underline an essential reality: the search for journalistic impartiality, in a playground where agenda-driven narratives and skewed perceptions loom large. Demanding accountability from those in power, and refusing to fall prey to manipulated narratives must be the way forward for all conscientious citizens.


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