Exclusive Reveal: Surprising Number of Today’s Immigrants Not Working – Learn More Inside!

Exclusive Reveal: Surprising Number of Today's Immigrants Not Working - Learn More Inside!
Exclusive Reveal: Surprising Number of Today's Immigrants Not Working - Learn More Inside!
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Here’s a jaw-dropper for you. A shocking report from the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), discussed in The Washington Times, reveals that less than half of recent immigrants are actually employed. This finding puts a damper on the rhetoric that immigrants are indispensable for our economy.

Breaking down the figures, The Washington Times reported that only 46 percent of immigrants, both legal and illegal, who arrived in the past two years are presently working. Rather than painting a rosy picture of all newcomers actively contributing to the nation’s economy, these revelations tell a different story.

CIS authorities mentioned that immigration does bring in working bodies, but an undeniable fraction of these individuals are out of work and are supported by others. Stephen Dinan, a reporter for The Washington Times, shared these revelations challenging the oft-repeated argument from immigration pro-ponents about the necessity of fresh entrants for the U.S. economy’s upliftment.

A controversial issue is whether mass immigration is advantageous or a strain to the economy. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) indicates that the overall economy accelerates with a higher population owing to the increased workforce leading to greater productivity. However, on the downside, even though the economy grows, the average worker is slightly worse off. The reason? More people divide the economic pie; each slice gets smaller.

Moreover, the effects of immigration are unequally distributed across the population. The privileged ones at the top come out better off higher immigration since they’re less likely to be in direct competition with incoming immigrants. On the other hand, those at the lower levels are adversely affected due to increased competition with unskilled immigrant workers.

Delving into specifics, CIS stated that the unemployment rate among immigrants from Latin America, a group with high illegal immigration rates and usually without college education, sits at 10%. Interestingly enough, these numbers have remained consistent over the years.

In response to these trends, the Biden administration is working toward obtaining legal work permits for newly arrived illegal immigrants. Supporters argue this could encourage these immigrants to stand on their own feet and reduce reliance on government assistance. Stay tuned to see how this plan pans out.

In essence, while immigration undoubtedly brings in fresh labor, it’s imperative not to overlook the less glamorous aspects – the considerable share of immigrants not contributing to the workforce. It’s high time we strike a balance and reconsider our immigration policies for the sustainable growth of our economy.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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