Hostin Outraged by Lack of Diversity in Trump Trial Courtroom: ‘It’s Time to Add Some Color!’

Hostin Outraged by Lack of Diversity in Trump Trial Courtroom: 'It's Time to Add Some Color!'
Hostin Outraged by Lack of Diversity in Trump Trial Courtroom: 'It's Time to Add Some Color!'
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The controversies surrounding Sunny Hostin, co-host of ABC’s The View, continue to stir. Recently, Hostin, who has been criticized in the past for her racially divisive remarks and out-of-touch comments, made quite a spectacle of herself during President Trump’s ongoing trial. But let’s break down the antics that transpired.

Hostin made her way into the courtroom for Trump’s trial for the second time, proudly flaunting her newly acquired “binoculars” and swiftly jumping into conclusions. Disturbingly, her critique was not relating to actual legal proceedings but the racial demographics of the courtroom.

According to Hostin, there was a racial imbalance in the courtroom, claiming there were too many white individuals present. Her job, as she saw it, was to “give a little color to the courtroom,” a statement that even triggered the show’s moderator, Whoopi Goldberg, to ask her to backtrack.

Relishing in her courtroom time, Hostin seemed excited about being there, going as far as to request applause from an unresponsive audience. She even went on to arrogantly assert that she was the only one reporting on the courtroom dynamics, brushing off the efforts of numerous media outlets covering the proceedings.

It is worth mentioning her peculiar confidence in her needless “binoculars”, which she brought to the courtroom. She proudly proclaimed that while other reporters focused on the documentation, she was zooming in on Trump.

Interestingly, Hostin clung to the belief that her bizarre demeanor was a “serious legal analysis”, asserting that Trump’s “orange” countenance indicated his fury. She even thought it necessary to mimic Trump’s reactions during testimonies to validate her claim.

Despite Michael Cohen’s prior convictions for perjury, Hostin had the audacity to claim that he was a “credible witness” during the trial. According to her, this believability stemmed from his New York accent, a pretty shallow basis for credibility.

Hostin’s misleading tactics didn’t end there. She was forced to correct a prior erroneous statement she made about there being “several” legal professionals on the jury when in reality there were only two. To up her tally of undisciplined comments, she failed to rectify a lie that there were more women than men on the jury.

In conclusion, Sunny Hostin’s behavior at President Trump’s trial is a glaring example of professionalism and journalistic integrity taking a backseat for petty antics and a personal agenda. As viewers and responsible citizens, we should insist on prudence, humility, objectivity, and accuracy from those reporting and analyzing major news events.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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