TV Host Explodes: How TikTok and Instagram Spark Outrage by Censoring Pro-Israel Content!

TV Host Explodes: How TikTok and Instagram Spark Outrage by Censoring Pro-Israel Content!
TV Host Explodes: How TikTok and Instagram Spark Outrage by Censoring Pro-Israel Content!
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Are you wondering why you can’t have your say freely on important political issues on platforms like Instagram or TikTok? NewsNation host Dan Abrams might have an answer. He claims censorship is rife on these sites, chopping viewpoints they don’t agree with, especially when concerning the tense Israel-Hamas situation.

Known for hosting NewsNation, Dan Abrams is a force to be reckoned with. He accused Instagram and TikTok of stifling his pro-Israel content – an unjust infringement on the very essence of free speech. Abrams visited this issue recently on his show with his father and attorney, Floyd Abrams. At issue was a particular clip where he embarked on challenging a pro-Palestinian professor on why anti-Israel protesters would demand a Hamas ceasefire, if indeed that was their objective.

The squeezed content, according to Abrams, was marked on Instagram as endorsing a dangerous organization. But the censorship saga doesn’t stop there. Abrams pointed out another disturbing tick with TikTok, a platform tied significantly to the Chinese Communist government. He lamented an interesting double standard on TikTok, apparent in the way the platform treats content challenging Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister, and the Gaza Health Ministry, controlled by Hamas.

Abrams found it alarming that challenging the Gaza Health Ministry’s numbers would get his content censored, but rigorous questioning of Benjamin Netanyahu’s spokesperson is fine. TikTok’s management of content seems confusing and hypocritical.

There was mutual agreement with Abrams’ father. Floyd Abrams, a noted attorney, hammered TikTok for their alleged content-focused, siding censorship. TikTok, he remarked, proclaims itself as a defender and promoter of free speech but falls far short in actual practice.

Even the ownership of TikTok stirs up concerns, with its parent company, ByteDance, having Chinese Communist Party (CCP) members on its board. The CCP indeed has a financial stake in ByteDance.

Abrams isn’t the only one feeling muzzled. Actor Nate Buzolic also came forward, echoing Abrams by accusing Instagram and TikTok of suppressing his pro-Israel and anti-Hamas posts. TikTok even announced with seeming pride the removal of over half a million posts relating to the current Israel-Hamas conflict.

For conservatives, there’s a growing sense of being singled out. Contacting TikTok could put pressure on them to respect free speech guidelines, offer more transparency, explanation on “hate speech,” and ensure an equal platform for conservatives.

In conclusion, the stifling of individual voices by big tech companies like Instagram and TikTok suggests a troubling trend. With platforms choosing sides and engaging in content censorship, the fundamental premise of free speech is jeopardized. It’s time to step up for liberty and hold these big tech giants to account.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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