Debate Shock: The View Reveals How Audience Absence Actually Benefits Biden!

Debate Shock: The View Reveals How Audience Absence Actually Benefits Biden!
Debate Shock: The View Reveals How Audience Absence Actually Benefits Biden!
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As the world tuned into ABC’s ‘The View’ before going live, recent news broke that the Biden and Trump campaigns agreed upon two debates, one on CNN in June and another on ABC in September. The peculiar terms set by Biden’s team, barring any audience and introducing an automatic mic-off system, caught everyone’s attention. This suggestion seemed to be well-received by The View’s panel, with one member even asserting it would favor President Biden without the distraction of an audience.

The show’s regulars spent some time exchanging pleasantries about their recent Disney shindig before diving into the debate discussion, their primary reaction being visible relief over Biden’s conditions being accepted.

It seems the panel missed that the debate announcement came right after the release of a heavily cropped video by the Biden campaign, challenging the President to a pair of debates. On being asked, panelist Alyssa Farah Griffin admitted Biden’s challenge was strategic, given their neck-and-neck situation in the polls.

Now, here’s the interesting bit, this disregards the fact that Trump had, weeks ago, thrown the gauntlet to Biden after becoming the presumptive Republican nominee. But, that seems to have been conveniently forgotten.

Praising Biden’s proposals as “critical,” Farah Griffin stated that controlling the mic time would prevent the debates from descending into chaos.

The outspoken co-host Sunny Hostin strongly supported Biden, stating how Biden could exploit the charges against Trump by the Democrats and his Justice Department. In her view, this gives Biden the clear advantage in the debates.

In a somewhat befuddled reaction, co-host Joy Behar didn’t seem to grasp that Trump had already agreed to the debates. She expressed concerns over Biden’s conditions, fretting that it would give Trump an escape route by ducking debates without an audience. Despite the rest of the panel repeatedly affirming Trump’s acceptance of the conditions, Behar remained skeptical for some time.

Behar continued to stress her apprehension that “Trump is going to stack the audience with Trumpers,” disregarding the rest of the cast insisting there would be no audience at all.

In a somewhat dramatic prediction, Behar commented, “It’s like you have Bozo the Clown on one side and a statesman on the other.” She ought to check who her audience resonates with more.

In the midst of this politically charged atmosphere where everyone seems to have a say, it’s critical to retain our ability to discern truth from bias. The upcoming debates are undeniably crucial moments in our nation’s journey towards the next Presidential Election. Let’s hope it’s a fair and factual battle, secure from any form of disruptive tactics or noise.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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