Shocking Video: MRC’s Dan Schneider Unleashes Fury on Big Tech Giants for Election Interference!

Shocking Video: MRC's Dan Schneider Unleashes Fury on Big Tech Giants for Election Interference!
Shocking Video: MRC's Dan Schneider Unleashes Fury on Big Tech Giants for Election Interference!
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In an explosive revelation, MRC Free Speech America Vice President Dan Schneider accused all major Big Tech companies of manipulation and interference in US elections. According to Schneider, this egregious attack on freedom of speech isn’t new – it’s been ongoing for years.

Throughout a recent edition of “The Unusual Suspects” podcast, Schneider hit back at the sweeping accusations of misinformation from Big Tech head honchos. Refuting their claim that conservative viewpoints are harmful, he called attention to the one-sided game being played. For them, the narrative is clear: if you don’t agree with us, you’re spreading misinformation, and you need to be silenced.

The worst offender in this grand charade? Google. Schneider’s claims aren’t empty rhetoric – backed by years of research under MRC Free Speech America, the evidence confirms Google’s malicious meddling with US elections since ’08.

Delving deeper into the findings of MRC, Schneider minutely expounded the role Google played in the election process, always leaning in favor of their preferred liberal agendas. Searches conducted over three months displayed repeated bias towards then, presidential candidate, Joe Biden and suppression of his political rivals like Robert F. Kennedy Jr. These findings aren’t isolated incidents but glaring expose of Google’s consistent and unchecked malpractice.

Google’s partiality was blatant, as MRC recorded as many as 41 occasions where Google apparently propelled leftist candidates towards election victory.

Nevertheless, Schneider assures there are practical measures the public can adopt to counteract Google’s bias. Ignoring the first page of Google’s search result might be a good start. For a balanced view, navigate to the second or third page. He further encourages the exploration of alternative search engines, such as Tusk and DuckDuckGo.

Podcast host, Garguilo, acknowledged the alarming findings, calling them “terrifying,” and underscored the need for increased awareness. We’ve sacrificed freedoms for convenience, he lamented, and this convenience has contributed to people’s unwillingness to switch to non-Google platforms. He admitted that despite the convenience, it was only now he learned about the alternative search engine Tusk.

Conservatism is under siege, and it’s time to shake off the indifference. Reach out to your local representatives and demand that Big Tech be held accountable for violating the First Amendment. Fight for transparency, clarification on so-called “hate speech,” and ensure conservatives get a fair chance. If you’ve been silenced, don’t stay silent – reach out to us at MRC Free Speech America, and help us hold Big Tech accountable.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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