Shock Report: CBS Evening News Caught Commemorating Controversial ‘Nakba Day’—What Hamas Media Revealed!

Shock Report: CBS Evening News Caught Commemorating Controversial 'Nakba Day'—What Hamas Media Revealed!
Shock Report: CBS Evening News Caught Commemorating Controversial 'Nakba Day'—What Hamas Media Revealed!
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In the battlefield of American media, CBS News seems to be leading the pack in presenting a pro-Hamas view amidst the ongoing Gaza crisis. During a recent report concerning President Biden’s request for military aid for Israel, the network steered the narrative towards promoting a Palestinian perspective and usages like “al-Nakba”.

During CBS Evening News aired on May 15th, 2024, anchor Norah O’Donnell conveyed, in a nutshell: Israel’s getting a multi-billion-dollar weapon grant from the Biden administration, humanitarian aid for Palestinians is en route, which they’ll surely appreciate since they’re essentially observing the 76th anniversary of their displacement, known as al-Nakba.

Here’s the catch though: some crucial details deemed essential by many conservative think-tanks were conveniently omitted, paving the way for O’Donnell to unfurl a distinctly pro-Hamas line straight off her teleprompter. Worrisome ambiguity surrounds when this much-awaited military assistance will effectively reach Israel. The narrative’s arrangement allows the military aid to be contrasted with the hardly-delayed supply of humanitarian aids bound for Palestinians.

The resonance of O’Donnell’s report with the words of Michigan congresswoman Rashida Tlaib is uncanny as both seem to follow the same script, marking the 76th al-Nakba anniversary, recognizing lost lives and displaced Palestinians.

Now, let’s widen the perspective. History has another side to the Nakba narrative, one CBS overlooks. When Mandatory Palestine split under British command, it shaped a Jewish state and an Arab state. Jews welcomed the new setup; the Arabs didn’t. The real catastrophe, namely Nakba, unfolded upon the failure of five Arab countries to oust Israel, following its self-declared independence just a day prior to the outbreak of the brutal Arab-Israeli War, 1948.

Displacement of Arabs, if any, ensued from the war against the newly declared Jewish state. Add to this context, the October 7th assault by Hamas, perpetuated unjustifiable displacement and loss of lives.

The bias in the CBS News’ reportage showcases an obvious inclination towards eliciting empathy for Palestine. This, I argue, deprives the audience of factual and balanced news reporting. Particularly alarming to conservatives, is the recognition that this increasingly biased perspective reflects a significant shift in major media narratives about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Information is a potent tool. Thus, restoring a truly balanced perspective and reporting facts is crucial. While the term “al-Nakba” may elicit sympathies, it’s the responsibility of an observer, let alone a media organization, to acknowledge the complex dual narratives that are etched in historical events.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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