Behar Shockingly Calls the Constitution ‘Un-American’ – Here’s Why She Insists We ‘Need to Fix’ it!

Behar Shockingly Calls the Constitution 'Un-American' - Here's Why She Insists We 'Need to Fix' it!
Behar Shockingly Calls the Constitution 'Un-American' - Here's Why She Insists We 'Need to Fix' it!
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Hook: Joy Behar, co-host of ABC’s The View, has recently voiced controversial opinions on elements of the U.S. Constitution – stating that lifetime appointments to the Supreme Court and the Electoral College system are “un-American.”

Main Body: On a recent telecast, Behar expressed her frustration over an image of an inverted American flag, reportedly taken outside of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito’s home. This event took place several days after the Capitol riots, influencing claims that the flag being displayed upside down was a declaration of solidarity with the rioters. Behar associating it solely with “MAGA people” displays a knowledge gap in her understanding of the issue. An upside-down flag has historically been a distress signal, something entirely missed by Behar.

Regrettably, further misinformation was spread by Alyssa Farah Griffin, another participant in the show who misquoted the U.S. Flag Code, stating, the American flag should only be flown upside down in times of dire national distress. The correct declaration specifies, the flag should only be flown this way as a signal of extreme danger to life or property. However, criticism from the liberal media labels the Capitol riot incident as a time of national distress, which contradicts their own narrative – another misstep conveniently overlooked.

Expanding the debate, the co-hosts displayed an unconvincing display of impartiality, stating they would be equally displeased if a liberal justice hung an upside-down flag. Griffin posited that if Justice Sotomayor had done the same following Trump’s election, they’d call for her resignation – a claim met with enthusiastic agreement by her colleagues.

However, Sotomayor’s refusal to recuse herself from a case directly involving her book’s publisher, which went without criticism from The View, seems to undermine this claim of fair and balanced judgment. This lack of consistent objectivity further undermines their critique of Justice Alito.

Conclusion: In a bid to show understanding of the nation’s distress, the hosts of The View express blatant misunderstanding and misinformation. Behar’s incorrect interpretation of the U.S. Constitution’s elements as being ‘un-American’, along with others’ misquotation of the U.S. Flag Code, conducted in front of a national audience, lays bare the manipulative and one-sided nature of their discourse.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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