Shock Reveal: Has PBS Taken a Pro-Hamas Stance? Dire Claims of ‘Mass Palestinian Expulsion’ in 1948 Uncovered!

Shock Reveal: Has PBS Taken a Pro-Hamas Stance? Dire Claims of 'Mass Palestinian Expulsion' in 1948 Uncovered!
Shock Reveal: Has PBS Taken a Pro-Hamas Stance? Dire Claims of 'Mass Palestinian Expulsion' in 1948 Uncovered!
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Let’s dig in folks, and dissect how PBS is turning the truth on its head by painting an unfair picture of Israel and ignoring the historical context of the recent Israel-Hamas conflict. They’ve managed to portray Palestinians as the eternal sufferers of aggression they started in the first place.

We’re taking a trip back in time to 1948 when Arab nations tried to stomp out Israel in its infancy but were pushed back. Now, the Palestinians call this defeat al-Nakba or the “catastrophe”. But PBS is choosing to ignore the brunt of it, describing it as a “mass expulsion” from land that’s now Israel, without offering any real historical explanation.

PBS host Geoff Bennett recently chose to stoke these false narratives of Palestinian victimhood. His commentary paints a picture of continual Israeli aggression, white-washing the fact that the past two wars were fuelled by Arab and Islamic factions in the first place. Here are some crop from his recent report:

“On the anniversary of this so-called catastrophe, he’s blaming Israel for the intensity of the fighting in places like the Gaza Strip, completely overlooking that Hamas, a declared terrorist organization by countless international entities, initiated this conflict.

He’s also skimmed over how Israel has shown restraint, stating that Israelis won’t necessarily eliminate every Hamas fighter but focus on their remaining battalions instead. In reality, Israel is doing everything possible to minimize civilian casualties caused by routine rocket attacks initiated by Hamas.

He even quotes a displaced Gazan claiming the current war is worse than the Nakba, again echoing the anti-Israel sentiment being propagated.

And of course, no biased report is complete without denoting that over 80% of Gaza’s population has been forced to flee their homes since the war began, but what about mentioning the Israeli civilians who are living in fear of incoming rocket attacks?

What PBS conveniently leaves out here is how, in 1948, Britain tried to solve the issue by partitioning Palestine to create a Jewish and an Arab state. While the Jewish people accepted their new state, the Arabs couldn’t stand the thought of sharing the region with the Jews and waged an unsuccessful war against Israel.

And if you’re wondering how twisted mainstream media’s approach is to this situation, you should know PBS’s report is a step further in distortion than CBS’s version.

For these hawkish dumps of misinformation, we can thank the likes of Consumer Cellular who subsidise these pro-Hamas pieces.

Folks, simply put, history is being distorted for a narrative that fits a particular agenda. Amidst a conflict that’s far too intricate to scale down into mere victimhood, understanding the historical truth is a must. Let’s not fall into a trap of false rhetoric but look at the facts and understand the realities of this Israel-Hamas conflict. Arm yourselves with knowledge and demand the truth in reporting.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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