Unbelievable! That Time Univision Really Gave A Stage To An ACTUAL Insurrectionist!

Unbelievable! That Time Univision Really Gave A Stage To An ACTUAL Insurrectionist!
Unbelievable! That Time Univision Really Gave A Stage To An ACTUAL Insurrectionist!
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As the 2024 presidential election looms, the media’s favorite pastime seems to be crying wolf about the fate of democracy. This handwringing mirrors President Joe Biden’s alarmist rhetoric. Interestingly, flashbacks remind some of us that these same voices once gave a stage to a real, bona fide insurrectionist.

Seven years ago, Univision broadcast an interview where Jorge Ramos, a seasoned anchor and host of the political affairs show Al Punto, engaged with Oscar Lopez Rivera. To refresh your memory, Rivera is a certified insurrectionist. Ramos sparked a dialogue likening Rivera to Nelson Mandela, with former congressman Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) eagerly jumping in to compare Rivera to George Washington.

Gutierrez painted Rivera as a heroic figure, likened him to the forefathers of their nation. If the American Revolutionary War were to be invoked, he supposed media outlets in London would have denounced Rivera just as they did George Washington back in the day.

Now, isn’t this an interesting comparison to note? Let’s not forget that the Obama administration, during its final days, commuted the prison sentence of this convicted terrorist. Rivera was serving for his atrocities committed as part of the seditious FALN. Yet, the narrative spun around him resembled a kindly old man, into hot water for his patriotic beliefs towards an independent Puerto Rico.

But let’s put the record straight. Rivera wasn’t behind bars for his separatist beliefs but for advocating violence to achieve those ends. When peaceful persuasion failed, Rivera resorted to violent acts such as bombings, causing significant fatalities.

It’s also noteworthy that one of Rivera’s targets was the iconic Fraunces Tavern in New York City, which, ironically, once housed Alexander Hamilton’s office. Adding to the irony, playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda is planning a special performance exclusively for Rivera. Will there be a mock bomb sequence in the Fraunces Tavern scene? Well, that’s anyone’s guess.

Jorge Ramos didn’t just provide a platform to an insurgent who aimed to topple the United States but allowed him to be virtually worshipped on air. Univision didn’t hesitate to broadcast this apologist narrative. This display of journalistic dexterity should make us question the credibility of their recent outcry over “democracy.”

In conclusion, the media’s current panic about democracy seems a trifle bit bloated when you consider their past dalliance with an authentic insurrectionist. How can they decry threats to democracy when they themselves have given voice to a man bent on sabotaging it? Their hypocrisy stands starkly revealed, questioning the line between freedom of speech and the convenience of their narrative.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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