Shocking Revelation: Media Dedicating Over 9 Hours to Trump-Bragg Trial – Is This a New Kind of Election Interference?

Shocking Revelation: Media Dedicating Over 9 Hours to Trump-Bragg Trial - Is This a New Kind of Election Interference?
Shocking Revelation: Media Dedicating Over 9 Hours to Trump-Bragg Trial - Is This a New Kind of Election Interference?
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Thanks to the mainstream media’s tunnel vision, the trial of former President Donald Trump has been devouring our airwaves like a glutton in an all-you-can-eat buffet. Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg (D) has been served up with an inexplicable 573 minutes of coverage by major channels ABC, CBS, and NBC, a blatant overkill that not only stomps out critical news but also lays bare a leftist strategy to taint the upcoming 2024 election.

Since April 15, the morning that the selection for this high-profile jury started, each nod and nudge for anything Trump-related in flagship talk shows or news segments have been critically examined by NewsBusters. The statistics are staggering: over nine solid hours of coverage have been shoved towards viewers by these networks alone.

Think ABC’s the winning horse? You’re right. With a whopping total of nearly four hours (237 minutes) shared between Good Morning America, This Week, and World News Tonight, it’s claimed nearly 41% of the pie. As the platform with the most airtime allotted to the trial, GMA can also pat itself on the back for contributing over two hours (136 minutes). And who’s largely to blame for this? A certain George Stephanopoulos. He’d start any coverage of Trump by trying to canonize the moment, really drive home the fact that Trump was the real anomaly among Presidents.

Stephanopoulos wasn’t coy with his anticipation. Discussing the trial with chief Washington correspondent and renowned Trump critic Jonathan Karl, Stephanopoulos noted the dynamic shift in the narrative around Donald Trump. They both agreed that the trial acutely shifted the perspective of Trump from a cunning political player to a silent defendant.

NBC sprinted up with 199 minutes to secure second place, but don’t get it twisted, they exhibited no fondness for Trump. The story sequence in NBC’s newscasts revealed that they rated Trump’s trial as an over-the-top important story. Opening with the trial 17 times, NBC Nightly News overtly exhibited their agenda. Anchor Lester Holt, with his serial dramatic takes on the trial, was jaw-droppingly insistent on its national significance. The April 21 Meet the Press episode had NBC’s Andrea Mitchell ironically lamenting about the trial overshadowing everything else.

CBS limped in as the third horse with just over two hours (138 minutes). CBS Mornings co-host Gayle King noted the white noise threat all the Trump trials had become, and the PBS NewsHour/NPR Marist poll somewhat agreed with her. The poll revealed a majority of Americans were distractedly noting the proceedings.

Rounding its heels on the Trump trial’s coverage came the Sunday political talk shows which put forth a joined effort of roughly 36 minutes, with over three quarters coming unsurprisingly from ABC’s ‘This Week with George Stephanopoulos.’

Now, while the media was caught in the Trump love fest, there was another juicy scandal brewing under its nose. Liberal Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) was fighting his own trial; there were gold bars, stacks of cash, cars, and influence peddling with Arab countries. But the screen time this riveting story got? Seven minutes and 56 seconds. The unmistakable bias of the liberal media was glaring once again – Trump’s trail raked in 72 times more than Menendez’s.

What does this tell us? The mainstream news outlets are devouring up the Trump trial with an almost greedy fervor. They’re glossing over other newsworthy scandals while parroting the same biased narrative. It’s fair to ask – is this reporting or just more of the same political puppetry we’ve come to expect?


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