Colbert Shocks Fans: ‘Ignorant Critics’ of Same-Sex Marriage Left in Disbelief!

Colbert Shocks Fans: 'Ignorant Critics' of Same-Sex Marriage Left in Disbelief!
Colbert Shocks Fans: 'Ignorant Critics' of Same-Sex Marriage Left in Disbelief!
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Well, CBS’s Stephen Colbert is at it again, stirring the pot on his recent Late Show edition. This time, his targets were those he dubbed as “dumb people” who were against same-sex marriage before it was federally legalized, trying to highlight their predictions about the consequences of such an act. But let’s set a few things straight, shall we?

Colbert began his tirade by making light of a study showing that same-sex marriage hasn’t impacted heterosexual marriages since its nationwide legalization nine years ago. “Well, duh,” he snarked, before framing his opponents as dimwits predicting a strange and bizarre outcome from the ruling, such as people marrying their pets. Too bad for Colbert, but we’ve never run into anyone on our side making that claim.

Yet, Colbert did miss a note here. While same-sex marriages did not, thank God, lead to people wedding their cats and dogs, what did come to pass is the push for and introduction of new gender ideologies. Proponents of same-sex marriage didn’t dust off their hands and settle down after their victory. Instead, they furthered their agenda by promoting new aspects of gender ideology and took businesses and individuals to court over disagreement, in the very way that conservatives had feared.

Granted, the study cited by Colbert did assert that the interest in marriage increased in the broader population as it was extended to more couples. And that same-sex households exhibited a boost in adoption rates, even accompanied by a decrease in syphilis rates. Maybe there’s a shred of accuracy in that part, but it definitely doesn’t prove all the conservative concerns “dumb” as Colbert would have you think.

As for the remainder of the show, Colbert hosted Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff, who gave a light-hearted account of his experience as the first male to hold his position and how he met Kamala Harris. Not exactly groundbreaking material.

In conclusion, Colbert can attempt to paint conservatives as ridiculous as he wants to. However, the reality that he conveniently glosses over is that many of the concerns raised by conservatives were valid. They’ve come to pass soon after the proponents of same-sex marriage won their battle. Will he ever acknowledge that? That’s for a different episode, my friends.


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