You Won’t Believe What This Famous AI Chatbot Reveals About Trump, Yet Remains Silent on Biden’s ‘Lies’!

You Won't Believe What This Famous AI Chatbot Reveals About Trump, Yet Remains Silent on Biden's 'Lies'!
You Won't Believe What This Famous AI Chatbot Reveals About Trump, Yet Remains Silent on Biden's 'Lies'!
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Recently, an artificial intelligence called ChatGPT struggled to recall five dishonest statements made by President Joe Biden. Researchers prompted the chatbot to list out the ‘top five biggest lies’ from both Biden and former President Trump. For Biden, the chatbot insisted on needing ‘context or verification’ to list any lies. But, interestingly, it didn’t have an iota of trouble listing off questionable remarks made by Trump.

Furthermore, about two weeks past the initial inquiry, the AI just happened to recall a few of Biden’s falsehoods. This entire scenario reeks of a biased algorithm, pushing us to question the programmers behind it. Dan Schneider, Vice President of MRC Free Speech America, rightfully mentions that AI results are a consequence of human-crafted algorithms. This unequivocally points towards the deliberate influence Big Tech seeks to exert over our political landscape.

Though Biden’s false claims are well-documented and abound, we saw a hypocritical response from ChatGPT. It stressed on the importance of careful evaluation and multiple sources for Biden, yet it wasn’t as thorough for Trump. By May 28, however, our chatbot seemed to re-calibrate its position slightly. It recognized some of Biden’s ‘widely challenged and debunked’ statements but continued downplaying the gravity of these lies.

In another shocking reverence, the chatbot expressed the need for careful consideration when evaluating political discourse implications, mainly when relating to Biden’s false assertions. On the flip side, Trump was not granted this same level of caution and consideration. Upon being asked the same question in regard to Trump’s ‘biggest lies,’ the chatbot provided five controversial statements that triggered scrutiny and fact-checking.

ChatGPT heavily criticized Trump’s valid accusation of the Obama administration wiretapping Trump Tower during the 2016 election. In contrast, it soft-pedaled Biden’s habitual, contradictory, and patently false accounts of his life experiences. Ultimately, it seems there’s one rule for Biden and another for Trump here. Despite this glaring inconsistency, ChatGPT had the gall to subtly revise its comments about Trump, attempting to play it safe.

This incident highlights the ongoing war against conservativism, an inescapable reality in an era defined by Big Tech dominance. It leaves no room to wonder then why Google’s AI chatbot, Gemini decided not to answer these politically charged questions.

It’s high time we, conservatives, take up this fight for real. Contact your representatives today and demand that Big Tech be held accountable for their implicit biases. Let’s ensure transparency, clarity, and equality for all, not just those who align with the blue. Speak up, and be heard, because every voice matters.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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