You Won’t Believe What’s Happening in the Sensational Hugh Money Criminal Trial – Is the Media Going Too Far?

You Won't Believe What's Happening in the Sensational Hugh Money Criminal Trial - Is the Media Going Too Far?
You Won't Believe What's Happening in the Sensational Hugh Money Criminal Trial - Is the Media Going Too Far?
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Think the Democrats are the sole champions of democracy while the Republicans are its sworn enemies? Think again. Democrats are so neck-deep in spinning narratives, they’ve gone tone-deaf to the reality of American voters who see partisan prosecutors trying to take down President Trump prior to the election.

The Democrats seem to be banking on the idea of a Trump public enemy. Yet, they fail to realize that, to many voters, the real threat is the partisan prosecutors trying to eliminate his political career. Now, this, my friends, is what revenge looks like.

Mainstream media outlets seem to have mastered the art of selective target practice. They religiously promote every trial connected to Trump. For instance, the trial led by Democrat Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg, trumpeted as a “hush money criminal trial,” has received over 573 minutes and 25 seconds of hand-wringing coverage by ABC, CBS, and NBC in a mere 38 days.

Our friends at NewsBusters pointed out how these three networks gleefully clamped down on nearly every mention of the Trump trial. ABC led the pack, dedicating 237 minutes, with their negative narrative piloted by George Stephanopoulos, former Bill Clinton spin doctor.

What makes this imbalance even more stark is the comparative hushing-down of other prominent trials. Let’s bring forth the example of Sen. Bob Menendez who was under the spotlight for corruption charges. During the same timeframe, Menendez’s coverage summed up to just 7 minutes and 56 seconds – a drop in the ocean compared to the Trump trial.

Expecting anything different for the impending Hunter Biden trial would be naive. Republicans have already woken up to the fact that these networks are blatantly cheerleading for Democrats. Even open-minded Democrats and independents can see this pattern if they dare to peek behind the media curtain obscuring the truth.

Mainstream news has effectively transformed into a political weather report, with storm clouds perpetually circling over Trump. But here’s the catch- it doesn’t really matter if these trials nail Trump or not. The game plan is to keep raining on his parade.

This bias also seeps into the hosting of congressional hearings. The panel investigating the January 6 events received wall-to-wall coverage under Pelosi. Yet, when Republicans led the calls for oversight into Biden’s ethical dilemmas, not a peep echoed across the media landscape. This glaring discrepancy throws out any claims of media objectivity or nonpartisanship.

The mainstream media’s pattern of tug-of-war between Democrats and Republicans brings to mind Nixon and Watergate, Reagan and the Iran-Contra incident, and Bush’s Iraq scandal. The liberal media’s “first draft of history” reads more like a hypercritical op-ed, hardly upholding journalistic credibility.

In the end, democracy isn’t about spin-doctoring narratives or creating villains. It’s about fairness, balance, and truth. Despite the media’s smoke and mirrors, voters continue to see through the deceit and that, in the heart of democracy, is the truth we all should champion.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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