Unbelievable! ABC Can’t Contain Joy as Post-Verdict Polls Indicate a Potential Biden Victory!

Unbelievable! ABC Can't Contain Joy as Post-Verdict Polls Indicate a Potential Biden Victory!
Unbelievable! ABC Can't Contain Joy as Post-Verdict Polls Indicate a Potential Biden Victory!
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With the media still whipping up a frenzy over former President Trump’s conviction of all charges, it’s clear the folks over at ABC’s Good Morning America have not yet come to terms with the fact that politics is a team sport. Led by former Clinton associate, George Stephanopoulos, they seem baffled as to why Republicans are still rallying support around Trump. But let’s clear up some misleading details here.

Rick Klein, the political director at ABC, supplied viewers with a skewed analysis of recent polls. He made claims that around 50% of Americans believe Trump’s guilty verdict was justified, while only 27% think otherwise. And that half of the country believes Trump should wrap up his campaign. These numbers, he suggests, rise when considering voters who are not fans of either President Biden or ex-President Trump – apparently a critical voting group known as the “double haters.”

But here’s the issue. American politics is indeed a team game. That’s not news; the US has adopted a two-party electoral system. If this fact boggles Stephanopoulos, then his bewilderment at the continued Republican support for Trump is understandable. Let’s not forget how the media never deserted Bill Clinton during his numerous debacles, from infidelity accusations to impeachment. Hence, the former President’s rally behind Trump shouldn’t be shocking.

It seems like liberal media outlets like ABC do not believe that following hundreds of hours of the Trump trial coverage, any Republicans should remain associated with Trump. Stephanopoulos showcased unmasked confusion at Trump’s diehard followers, denoting them as baffling for backing a convict.

Meanwhile, Stephanopoulos seems aloof to the fact that unity is one of Republicans’ strongest traits, as shown by their unified stance amidst Thursday’s verdict. This unity and resilience, however shocking to our friends on the left, is why the President’s conviction of all charges has not put a dent in the party’s armor.

So, let’s cut to the chase: the media’s relentless hammering of Trump’s conviction is colossal. However, let’s not overstep the mark by suggesting that this single issue could potentially overturn the firmly embedded dyadic team spirit within US politics. They need to grasp the concept of party loyalty and unity that is deeply entrenched in the American political landscape. To the Democrats and their media cheerleaders: don’t hold your breath for mass Republican defection. It’s unlikely to happen.

As time unfolds, we’ll witness further polarization in our great nation, prompting an inevitable confrontation between ruling elites and everyday Americans. Will select groups keep supporting Trump? Irrespective of his recently tarnished reputation, definitely. Will Democrats continue to castigate Trump till the very end? Most certainly. As the saying goes, one man’s meat is another man’s poison. Despite these political skirmishes, America will continue to flourish.


Next News Network Team

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