Outrageous! The View’s ‘Conservative’ Star Believes Hunter Biden Trial is Simply Diverting Us From Real Issues!

Outrageous! The View's 'Conservative' Star Believes Hunter Biden Trial is Simply Diverting Us From Real Issues!
Outrageous! The View's 'Conservative' Star Believes Hunter Biden Trial is Simply Diverting Us From Real Issues!
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Presidential progeny, Hunter Biden, faced the scrutiny of the court this week, answering to allegations of lying on a federal background check for firearm purchases. But guess who wasn’t thrilled? ABC’s The View’s conservative-in-theory Alyssa Farah Griffin. Suddenly, she switched gears from lionizing the sketchy trial of former President Trump to calling this trial a distraction.

In the run-up, Farah Griffin championed the action against Trump, pompously presuming a sizeable Republican chunk would jump ship if Trump got pinned. Well, once a conviction materialized, she turned her back to trials, particularly, with Biden junior in the crosshairs.

“I am not overly consumed by this case,” condescendingly ranted Farah Griffin. “This media circus around election time feels like a case there, a conviction here, courtroom entrances, you name it. And I worry it is diluting the actual issues – economy, border security, utility affordability, you know, the stuff the public cares about.”

Finally coming to terms with her misplaced priorities, she groaned about how the media whirlpool is diverting attention from noteworthy matters.

The whopper of the day was by Whoopi Goldberg saying, “If President Biden was that influential, Hunter would not be answering to court?” Not quite the most informed question, Whoopi.

Sunny Hostin, the openly racist and anti-semitic co-host took the icing off the cake with, “The trial showcases how ‘no one is above law’”. Conveniently sidestepping the fact that the prosecutor had a vendor sweet deal in the works for Papa Biden’s boy to evade gun charges, nipped in the bud by the officials.

Bizarre as it may sound, Hostin voiced her support for to Hunter’s trial saying “that’s how the country should be.” Explaining, “This case is about buying a firearm, lying on the application about never using drugs, while actively being an addict.” In a country of 80 million firearm users, only around a thousand cases a year make it under the lens, with a dozen or so prosecutions, that’s less than 1%. Let’s face it, our boy Hunter bagged a top spot!

Previously, The View team had waved off the gun charges with a supposed Republican, Ana Navarro, proclaiming that all addicts “lie” and thus, Hunter was simply part of the norm.

In conclusion, the dominant trend of selective reporting and the effort to paint the issue at hand as a distraction, both deflects from the pertinent matter and undermines the justice system. Public figures have a responsibility to guide dialogues towards constructive debates rather than a mudslinging contest. No one, least of all the President’s son, should be above the law, and one can hope that this current court case sets that precedent emphatically.


Next News Network Team

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