Shocking! Morning Joe EXPLODES Over Wall St. Journal’s Claims of Biden’s Quickly Fading Mental Sharpness!

Shocking! Morning Joe EXPLODES Over Wall St. Journal's Claims of Biden's Quickly Fading Mental Sharpness!
Shocking! Morning Joe EXPLODES Over Wall St. Journal's Claims of Biden's Quickly Fading Mental Sharpness!
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Joe Scarborough of Morning Joe fame was hot and bothered today over the latest Wall Street Journal piece titled “Behind Closed Doors, Biden Shows Signs of Slipping.” Unsurprisingly, Scarborough leapt to Biden’s defense, taking a shot at an article that many feel is simply stating the painfully obvious.

Joe Biden, while showing occasional signs of clarity such as during this year’s State of the Union, regularly exhibits what some might call “senior moments.” The Free Beacon has even started tracking these episodes, which now run into the high double digits.

Scarborough, in a blatant display of bias, attempted to deflect criticisms of Biden’s mental acuity by boasting about his own illustrious resume, which includes mingling with past presidents, Speakers of the House, and foreign leaders. According to Scarborough, Biden surpasses them all by light years when it comes to things like international affairs and achieving bipartisan legislation.

However, Scarborough conveniently ignored the instances where Biden’s grasp of reality seemed to be in question, such as when he apparently remembered speaking to former leaders long since deceased at a recent G-7 summit. Either Biden is the first person to successfully defy the space-time continuum, or there might be some merit to the concerns raised in the Journal article.

Attempts to portray Biden as an intellectual powerhouse weren’t limited to Scarborough. Fellow Morning Joe host Willie Geist joined in, suggesting the Journal should shift its focus to Trump’s mental acuity. Moreover, Geist tried to downplay Biden’s apparent missteps as nothing more than the typical signs of aging – a flimsy defense, many would say, for the leader of the free world.

Any chance of amusement in this rather heated debate emerged when asked about the White House’s reaction to the piece, fellow host Mike Barnicle sniggered and declined to share the presumably colorful response on air.

The Wall Street Journal piece in question suggests that Biden’s demeanor and command of the details during negotiations seem to vary wildly from day to day. Notably, this claim was backed not just by political opponents, but also by members of his own party who either engaged in meetings with Biden or were briefed on them.

In the end, despite the furious defense mounted by Morning Joe, questions about Biden’s mental fitness hang in the air. After all, even the most ardent Biden supporters would have to admit that chatting with the deceased at international summits is a red flag. No amount of heated debate or biased grandstanding can change those facts. This is not just another conservative attack. It’s time to face the truth: there’s something off about Biden, and it needs to be addressed.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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