Shocking Twist: How Hunter Biden’s Addiction Might Be His Saving Grace in Controversial Gun Case!

Shocking Twist: How Hunter Biden's Addiction Might Be His Saving Grace in Controversial Gun Case!
Shocking Twist: How Hunter Biden's Addiction Might Be His Saving Grace in Controversial Gun Case!
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It seems there’s been an attempt to excuse Hunter Biden of the potentially serious charge of lying on a firearm transaction form. A recent edition of ‘The Lead with Jake Tapper’ took the angle that Biden, due to his then alleged extreme drug use, shouldn’t be held accountable for his dishonest purchase of a firearm in 2018.

Ex-Chief Counsel for Joe Biden, Victoria Nourse, highlighted two statutes that could cause such an outcome. This refers to a Fifth Circuit decision which ruled that revoking a sober citizen’s gun rights based on previous drug use is the Second Amendment’s violation.

Biden’s memoir openly delves into his past addiction to crack cocaine and alcohol. It’s this content that suggests he may have misrepresented his eligibility to buy a firearm. Prosecutor Derek Hines argued that Biden’s book contains all the evidence needed for this case.

Of course, worries about Biden owning a gun didn’t just come from the prosecution – his immediate family were also concerned. Some jurors have personal experience with addiction, which begs the question: could this affect their judgment on the case? CNN Legal Commentator Tim Parlatore believes so.

Tapper suggested the prosecution was trying to prove Biden’s cognitive inability to handle a firearm. Parlatore warned against leaning too heavily on Biden’s drug use, stating it may undermine whether Biden could form the necessary criminal intent at the time. However, intent is not always required – consider drunk drivers held liable for DUI, despite their clouded judgment.

Even CNN, usually supportive of the Bidens, reported that the prosecution accuses Biden of illegally buying and owning a gun while abusing or being addicted to drugs. This demonstrates the gravity of these accusations, despite attempts to diminish them.

In conclusion, the defense of Hunter Biden appears to be tied to his addiction battles, suggesting his condition somehow detaches him from the possible crime. However, the fact remains – if he lied on his federal form under the influence or not, he still lied. Should we really allow such actions to be excused under the guise of drug addiction? Addiction may be a struggle, but it should not be a free pass. This is a significant point that many seem to overlook.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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