You Won’t Believe Why These Vermont Christian Families Are Being Denied Their Right to Foster Children!

You Won't Believe Why These Vermont Christian Families Are Being Denied Their Right to Foster Children!
You Won't Believe Why These Vermont Christian Families Are Being Denied Their Right to Foster Children!
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Every kid deserves a loving home. But in Vermont, Christian families eager to bring that love are being denied the chance. Let’s dig into why Brian and Kaitlyn Wuoti, along with Michael and Rebecca Gantt, are suing the Vermont Department for Children and Families (DCF).

The lawsuit arose when these two families were denied the opportunity to open homes to foster children. With a glaring need for more foster homes—an estimated 160 children without placements—this decision raises eyebrows. Even though the Wuoti and Gantt families were ready to provide homes, Vermont claimed they were unfit. Based simply on the fact these families pledged to adhere to their faith-informed Christian beliefs, including traditional views on gender and sexuality.

The Wuotis first experienced being foster parents back in 2014 and have since adopted two boys. When they attempted to renew their foster license last year, despite admirable case worker evaluations, Vermont rejected them. The crime? Asserting their Christian faith.

Meanwhile, the Gantt family, a household of four biological children, tried to foster a newborn baby in need of emergency care. But DCF threw hurdles their way. They were required to sign a form confirming they would uphold the state’s take on gender identity; a standpoint contradicting their biblical views. They refused to forsake their religious beliefs, hence, the baby was not granted to them.

Despite the Christian viewpoint these families abide by, they’ve consistently avowed that every child placed in their care would receive utmost love and support—without being forced to attend events and parades, or use preferred pronouns that counter their beliefs.

And yet, faith wasn’t met with respect or understanding. Instead, as Mr. Gantt details, the state offered to “reeducate” them, expecting they’d change their faith given a year. These Christian families are not wavering. They stand tall and unwavering in their faith, even if it means being denied foster licenses.

We now see echoes of a pattern—remember the Massachusetts Catholic family, the Burkes, denied a foster license too due to their religious philosophies. So many children in foster care struggle with challenging mental health issues principally caused by bouncing from one foster home to another. It’s a cruel irony that families willing to shield them from further trauma are being sidelined.

To bring Christ’s teachings into these children’s lives—showing them they’re never alone and teaching them to trust in God’s plan during hard times—might just be the healing balm many of them need. Yet, this very lifeline is discouraged.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) updated guidelines in September 2023, emphasizing the need for LGBTQ-identifying foster children to be placed in homes “affirming” the state-approved version of their identities.

The obstruction these Christian families face shows a system that prioritizes ideology over children’s welfare. It champions delusional beliefs over the simple satisfaction of children’s basic needs. We need to ask ourselves: isn’t it high time children are prioritized above politics?


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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