Ruhle EXPLODES on Republicans for Mocking Biden, INSISTS MSNBC is the Beacon of Truth!

Ruhle EXPLODES on Republicans for Mocking Biden, INSISTS MSNBC is the Beacon of Truth!
Ruhle EXPLODES on Republicans for Mocking Biden, INSISTS MSNBC is the Beacon of Truth!
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Get a load of this. Stephanie Ruhle, a popular fixture on MSNBC, recently blasted Republicans for spreading a video of President Biden during the D-Day ceremony. “It’s deceptive!” she cried. But let’s look closer to see who’s making waves out of nothing.

The video posted by RNC’s Research account subtitles itself “Awkward,” depicting the President bungling his way into a chair. Ruhle argues its editing kneecaps the full narrative, aiming to paint Biden struggling to locate his seat. In her theatrical indignation, she claims to reveal “the full truth!”

Echoing her allegation, she goes on to play a lengthier, unabridged version of the video, wherein Biden can be seen finding his seat. Ruhle passionately rallied behind the President, insisting “The chair wasn’t invisible. He sat down following Secretary Austin’s introduction.”

Fair enough, but the footage reveals Biden’s premature elan to take his throne even before the host introduced Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin. What’s more, the supposedly “deceptive” footage aired by the GOP was met with howls of “offensive” and “ridiculous” by our dear Ruhle.

Continuing her tirade, she took aim at hedge fund honcho Bill Ackman for his tweet criticizing the First Lady for permitting such a gaffe, interpreting his words as a lament to America’s predicament.

Ackman scored Biden on his “failed decorum” sullying the U.S.’s image during the “sacred ceremony,” an event that celebrated America’s role in the preservation of the free world. Ruhle apparently found Ackman’s patriotic admonition nauseatingly reprehensible. Shocking!

Contributing his two cents was Max Rose, former Democratic Congressman from New York, unleashing the predictable litany of anti-Republican rhetoric about how Republicans, by laughing at Biden’s gaffe, were disregarding our veterans and democracy.

Wrapping it up, Ruhle dismissed claims of media bias towards Republicans. She proclaimed they were simply reporting the facts and truth. Yet, her pursuit of truth seemed narrowly confined to support one side. Apparently, Ruhle either misunderstood the significance of unbiased reporting, or she chose to turn a blind eye.

So here we are, folks. The media insists on its impartiality while blaming Republicans for “misleading” videos and everything else wrong in the world. Yet, it’s they who twist narratives and paint biased truths. Isn’t it high time we held these higher powers accountable? Let us strive for transparency, honesty, and honor, the way our soldiers did on D-Day. Remember, our nation is watching.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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