Shocking Reveal: Did the Media Cover Up for Joe & Jill Biden Being Bad Parents?

Shocking Reveal: Did the Media Cover Up for Joe & Jill Biden Being Bad Parents?
Shocking Reveal: Did the Media Cover Up for Joe & Jill Biden Being Bad Parents?
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Here’s a good dose of truth for you: the major news networks and national newspapers are treating Hunter Biden’s outcomes like a sad family photo album. Headlines filled with the melodrama of “family turmoil”, instead of addressing the real issues at hand.

The Washington Post had the audacity to nostalgically frame the trial as a means of airing out the “pain, heartache, and regrets” of the first family; like this was some drama series finale on television. This isn’t about the torments of a family, it’s about the failure to uphold justice. The New York Times chirped a similar tune, branding it as “a shattering blow for the Biden family.” They dwell on Hunter’s struggles being aired in public but forget to mention the actual verdict of his case.

Let’s set things straight here; no one’s pointing fingers here at the Bidens as parents. Hunter hitting 54 means he’s a grown man capable of facing consequences himself – the idea that he’s still a fragile “child” of a president is ludicrous. Let’s be real here: Hunter’s criminal activities are his alone to bear, but it’s impossible to ignore how his father’s influence may have assisted his business ventures.

Well then, we are meant to believe it’s the same money gained from these business dealings that were ultimately funneled towards drugs and prostitutes. This certainly isn’t what we’d call a shining display of integrity or successful parenting.

Joe Biden’s help for his son’s allegedly corrupt business is certainly a far cry from the “ordinary” family problems network anchors are trying to sell us. But the real matter here is the degree to which the media has chosen to gloss over it, opting instead to paint a more aesthetically pleasing, emotional narrative to its readers.

They’ve strayed far from their primary responsibility – to report news objectively – adopting a softer and arguably biased stance. This determination to humanize Hunter and veer away from the hard facts is a tone-deaf approach when what is needed from them is unfettered truth.

Neglecting such serious issues in favor of protecting the image of the ‘first family’ is nothing short of a betrayal to the public. The media’s role is to be impartial and transparent. If the President’s son’s private sins must be exposed so dramatically, should they not also expose his public actions?

In conclusion, while we aren’t crucifying the Biden family, we are questioning the blatant media bias that’s plaguing the Hunter Biden case. The facts remain as such – Hunter has been judged by law but Joe Biden has possibly facilitated him. The real tragedy here isn’t the familial pain that’s being served up on prime-time television, but the media’s decision to favour a family drama narrative over the cold hard facts affecting our nation’s governance.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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