Shocking Truth Revealed: Despite the Hunter Verdicts, Pro-Biden Spin Remains Unstoppable!

Shocking Truth Revealed: Despite the Hunter Verdicts, Pro-Biden Spin Remains Unstoppable!
Shocking Truth Revealed: Despite the Hunter Verdicts, Pro-Biden Spin Remains Unstoppable!
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The media’s glaring bias made itself apparent as they failed to give the Hunter Biden trial a fair share of attention. This isn’t surprising when it comes to our left-leaning mainstream press. Their reluctance to cover the trial was a blatant demonstration of their agenda-driven approach to news.

Hunter Biden’s trial received only about half the media coverage compared to that of Donald Trump’s Manhattan trial. Over the first eight days of coverage on notable networks like ABC, CBS, and NBC, Trump’s trial garnered no fewer than 174 minutes while Hunter’s pulled in just 85. This difference speaks volumes about the media’s selective reporting.

Moreover, the media’s tone was vastly different when covering the two trials. Trump’s trial was treated like a criminal circus, whereas the coverage on Hunter Biden’s trial was doused with sympathy. They referred to Trump’s trial as centered around “hush money,” alluding to the allegations of his pay-offs to keep damaging stories under wraps. Meanwhile, Hunter Biden’s ordeal was swaddled in emotional appeal and an outpouring of compassion.

This striking disparity in tone clearly demonstrates the nauseating bias of our media elites. Their contempt for Trump is visibly in contrast with their sympathy for the Biden family. The mainstream media, it appears, would rather shield their darlings instead of delivering an impartial narrative.

Increasing this growing concern, the prosecutors used the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop as the basis of their case, during which the court verified it as significant evidence. However, major networks barely devoted any time towards this critical proof. This, comically, is the same laptop that they dismissed as “Russian disinformation” during the 2020 election cycle.

Even more amusing is the fact that Hunter’s own memoir, ‘Beautiful Things,’ was exploited as incriminating evidence against him. The networks, who initially celebrated his memoir as an inspiring tale of overcoming adversity, found themselves tasting their own medicine as the law used it against him.

However, even in the face of these stark evidences and the guilty verdicts, our media remains undeterred. They continue to glaze the Biden family as a badge of honor for the Democrats. Post-verdict discussions centered around the daily courtroom attendance of the First Lady and how the president’s public love for his son resonates with voters.

This blatant bias shows how the media is desperate to chalk up Hunter Biden’s scandals as a triumph of the human spirit. They’re attempting to twist a narrative of drug binges into something relatable and sympathetic. But, the question remains, how long can they maintain this narrative in the face of facts? We ought to demand and expect a fair presentation of news, undistorted by political leanings.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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