Joe Scarborough Demands More After Paul Ryan Labels Trump as ‘Unfit for Office’! Find Out Why!

Joe Scarborough Demands More After Paul Ryan Labels Trump as 'Unfit for Office'! Find Out Why!
Joe Scarborough Demands More After Paul Ryan Labels Trump as 'Unfit for Office'! Find Out Why!
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Well, folks, the chatter continues over at MSNBC. This time, it’s Joe Scarborough giving his two cents about former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan’s recent comments. Speaking on Fox News, Ryan voiced his lack of support for Donald Trump, calling him an “authoritarian narcissist” and stating that he’s “unfit for office.” But for Scarborough, that seems to be half a loaf, given that Ryan also declared he can’t bring himself to back Joe Biden’s disastrous policies.

Never one to miss out on dramatics, Scarborough seemed to struggle to appreciate Ryan’s middle-of-the-road stance. Here we have Ryan, refusing to side with a president he doesn’t believe in without selling out to vote for Biden. Yet, that kind of respectable decision-making just seemed to confound Scarborough. It was as though Ryan delivering a vote to the opposition should have been an easy choice if it meant preventing Trump’s re-election.

Scarborough griped over Ryan’s refusal to switch sides. Like a dog with a bone, he clung to the idea that rejecting Trump should automatically equate to supporting Biden. As if it’s an impossible concept to simply reject both candidates. Apparently, a ‘Republican loser’ vote is more objectionable than casting one for Biden.

Maybe Scarborough’s issue is that he can’t comprehend that Ryan could condemn Trump without feeling threatened by his leadership. Perhaps he’s so entangled in partisanship that he can’t see Ryan’s commitment to upholding his Republican views, even if he’s not a fan of the party’s current front man.

Tossing in his ‘two smartest groups in this country’ statement, panelist Donny Deutsch really took the cake. According to him, if you’re a woman or over 65, you’re top-tier. Now there’s logic for you. Age or gender apparently magically imbue wisdom and smarts.

Given the choice between endorsing Trump’s “character” issue and backing Biden’s policies, Ryan made his stance clear—he won’t endorse either. That might seem like a waste to Scarborough, but to many, it seems like a decision based on principles and inherent values.

At the end of the day, Paul Ryan’s got every right to cast his vote as he sees fit—everyone does. Scarborough’s huffy disbelief at the idea of a Republican acting in line with his political beliefs, regardless of the nominee, comes across as just more seasoned rhetoric from the usual suspects. Republicans like Ryan don’t need to trade in their principles for a quick win.

In conclusion, political leanings should never supersede an individual’s right to their own opinions, choices, and principles. True, compelling political commentary should accommodate diversity of thought instead of offering blinkered ultimatums. Scarborough should do well to remember that. While him and his panelists are on their high horses, someone might remind them that politics isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of deal.


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