Unbelievable! Media Turns a Blind Eye as GOP Crushes Dems in Epic Charity Baseball Showdown!

Unbelievable! Media Turns a Blind Eye as GOP Crushes Dems in Epic Charity Baseball Showdown!
Unbelievable! Media Turns a Blind Eye as GOP Crushes Dems in Epic Charity Baseball Showdown!
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If you missed last night’s Congressional Baseball Game, you missed a sight to remember. Beyond the cheers of the game, the Republicans were victorious over the Democrats 31-11. But this wasn’t the crowning glory of the evening. The real headline here is the whopping $2.2 million that was raised for local charities!

You may not get wind of this from your standard NBC, ABC, or CBS morning news broadcast though. Instead, they decided to highlight some events that, dare I say, are not nearly as substantial. For instance, NBC’s Today reported some environmental activists who disrupted the game, failing to mention the Republicans’ victory or the significant amount raised for charity.

These protesters ran on the field during the second inning, hollering about ending fossil fuels. Although they did manage to get some attention, what we should really be focusing on is the unity of Democrats and Republicans coming together to play ball for a benevolent cause.

Interestingly, the victory of the Republicans, for the fourth consecutive year, was also conveniently omitted on NBC’s Today. Instead, they hailed the climate protesters and stayed completely mum on the victory and the millions raised for charity. Not a word on either the game’s final score or the sum raised.

ABC and CBS were not too dissimilar. When it came to this exciting bipartisan game, they all but shrugged it off, devoting space to it only on their websites and making it largely about the eco-activists. They too overlooked the Republican triumph and the charitable winnings.

However, CBS’s Kaia Hubbard duly recognized the game’s considerable initiatives for local charities. Hubbard reported, “The charity event broke records this year, bringing 30,000 fans to Nationals Park and raising $2.2 million for local charities.”

And let’s not forget about these charities. Proceeds from the game directly benefit institutions doing significant work. The Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Washington, the Washington Literacy Center, the Washington Nationals Philanthropies, and the United States Capitol Police Memorial Fund are all to see the benefits of this remarkable event.

It’s unfortunate that NBC’s Today – and even ABC and CBS – got so tied up with sensationalism. They missed the actual noteworthy story: a night when politicians checked their differences at the door, engaged in friendly competition, and raised millions for a great cause. It’s almost as if these outlets want to keep us in the dark. But whether they like it or not, the facts remain: Republicans thrashed Democrats in another annual Congressional Baseball Game and charity was the resounding real winner here. So, let’s celebrate that.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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