You Won’t Believe What NBC Uncovered: Border Crisis Continues Despite Biden’s Executive Order!

You Won't Believe What NBC Uncovered: Border Crisis Continues Despite Biden's Executive Order!
You Won't Believe What NBC Uncovered: Border Crisis Continues Despite Biden's Executive Order!
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With great pomp, the mainstream media loudly announced Biden’s executive action on border control. Yet, the only brave network to report the stark reality of this action’s ineffectiveness was NBC.

NBC’s field correspondent, Julia Ainsley, boldly revealed the true consequences of Biden’s executive action. Despite the formal suspension of asylum by these migrants, they are still finding their way into the U.S. Biden had previously stated that those entering illegally, would be blocked from gaining asylum. However, reality tells a contrary story. The Border Patrol is left to release a significant number of unauthorized immigrants into the U.S. due to lack of adequate facilities to hold the robust number of asylum seekers.

According to an internal memo circulated among Border Patrol agents in San Diego, only immigrants from eight particular countries are allowed to seek asylum in the U.S., leaving the question about the fate of migrants from the other nations unanswered. This situation has been further complicated with recent incidents involving a potential sleeper cell of ISIS-K members.

Rather than addressing these significant failures directly, NBC appeared more interested in reporting on the ACLU’s lawsuit against the Biden Administration over this executive action. It seems, they were seeing consequences in President Biden’s policy but chose not to lead with this breaking news.

We used to call this unbiased, fact-based reporting, journalism. A term that has gained an entirely different meaning in this digital era where news is masked in political correctness and the fear of offending the powers that be.

Still, credit must be given where due. NBC was the only network to report on the cracks in Biden’s executive order that are directly impacting border control. These include the sustained high number of illegal crossings and the lack of resources on the border to detain these individuals, which was also confirmed by union representative Hector Garza.

It’s alarming as these realities reveal that this executive action is more of a superficial public relations strategy than an effective policy change to control the porous borders. But it seems the Administration is overlooking that solving the issue will require heavy lifting and Congress’s assistance.

In conclusion, if the current situation at the border is any guide to go by, the latest executive action has fallen critically short of its intended goals. So even as Biden’s Administration refuses to admit it, their policy is ineffective in controlling the influx of illegal migration into our country. It’s incumbent upon them to concede their faults and take substantive actions to mend our already burdened border control system.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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