Breaking News: Could 2028 be the Year Buttigieg Takes the Presidency? CBS Thinks So!

Breaking News: Could 2028 be the Year Buttigieg Takes the Presidency? CBS Thinks So!
Breaking News: Could 2028 be the Year Buttigieg Takes the Presidency? CBS Thinks So!
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Hold on to your hats, folks! Pete Buttigieg is making waves once again and like it or not, we’re on board for the ride. Its appears the CBS Sunday Morning is trying to pave the way for a Buttigieg 2028 presidential ticket, and they’ve turned to an all too sweet Father’s Day profile to do it.

In a rather dramatic moment during the interview, correspondent Jonathan Vigliotti posed the big question to Pete: could he envision his kids, Gus and Penelope, living in the White House in 2029? To which, Buttigieg responded with your standard, evasive political non-answer, steering the conversation toward thinking about the long-term future.

But let’s just take a step back. Was this supposed to be a touching look into Buttigieg’s family life, or a soft-sell for a potential presidential run? It’s a tricky call. But then again, we all know how the left operates, twisting and molding institutions to fit their narrative.

Despite its objective facade, this CBS interview was a carefully coded piece of Pride Month promotion. But wait, there’s more. It wasn’t just about gay pride. Nope, CBS had to include the touchy-feely view into Buttigieg’s home life, complete with warm pancakes and friendly banter about playing good cop or bad cop.

Of course, CBS didn’t stop at creating a cozy family image. They had to give Buttigieg’s political figures a shine too. In a potentially misleading portrayal, the network angled the rumoured construction of a private railway between Las Vegas and Los Angeles as a Buttigieg win.

Despite the 2024 campaign being well underway, CBS seems more interested in setting the stage for 2028. Which leaves us all sitting here scratching our heads. Are we seeing the seeds of future political ambitions, or just an honest portrayal of Buttigieg’s ordinary family life?

Either way, expect to see more stories like this from the mainstream media as we head deeper into the election cycle. As for whether CBS is playing matchmaker between Buttigieg and the Oval Office, we’ll be staying on track to uncover the truth. All aboard the 2028 hype train, it’s due to depart any minute now. The question remains, will Mayor Pete be the conductor?


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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