Goldie Hawn’s L.A. Home Targeted by Burglars Twice in 4 Months

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Hollywood icon Goldie Hawn recently shared a shocking revelation about the state of security in Los Angeles. During an appearance on the SiriusXM podcast “Let’s Talk Off Camera with Kelly Ripa,” the 78-year-old actress disclosed that her home had been burglarized not once, but twice within a span of just four months.

Hawn, who has been in a long-term relationship with actor Kurt Russell for over four decades, expressed her concerns about the safety of living in L.A. “What if we couldn’t live in L.A, where would we live? We both decided, I think it’s Palm Desert (California). … It’s so safe,” she told Ripa, hinting at the possibility of leaving the city altogether.

The Academy Award-winning actress recounted the first burglary, which occurred when she and Russell were out of the house for a mere two hours. Upon returning home, they discovered that sophisticated thieves had broken into their bedroom closet from the balcony. “They completely knocked down my door, which is a safe door, so they’re very, very sophisticated, and they got a lot of my goodies, if you know what I mean,” Hawn explained.

Assuming that lightning wouldn’t strike twice, Hawn tried to put the incident behind her. However, just four months later, while she was home alone with her dog, the unthinkable happened again. “I hear this big thump upstairs — and I was alone; Kurt wasn’t there — and I went, ‘What the hell was that?'” she recalled. The following day, it was discovered that burglars had attempted to break into her bedroom while she was still in the house.

The harrowing experiences left Hawn shaken and questioning the state of security in the city she calls home. “I couldn’t believe it. What is happening here?” she exclaimed. In response to the repeated invasions, the actress has taken additional precautions to ensure her safety, particularly when she is alone. “I’ve had a guard, especially when I’m alone now,” Hawn revealed. “I’m never without a guard. We have a nice relationship with our guard.”

The revelation of Hawn’s personal struggle with home invasions sheds light on the growing concern over crime rates in Los Angeles. The city has seen a significant increase in property crimes, with burglaries and theft becoming more prevalent in recent years. The targeting of high-profile celebrities like Hawn serves as a stark reminder that no one is immune to the threat of criminal activity.

As Hawn and Russell contemplate the possibility of relocating to a safer area, their story raises important questions about the effectiveness of law enforcement and the measures that can be taken to improve public safety in Los Angeles. The incident also highlights the psychological impact that such invasions can have on victims, leaving them feeling vulnerable and unsettled in their own homes.

The Los Angeles Police Department has not yet released an official statement regarding the burglaries at Hawn’s residence. However, the actress’s decision to speak openly about her experience may prompt a renewed focus on addressing the root causes of crime in the city and implementing strategies to better protect its residents, regardless of their celebrity status.

As the conversation surrounding public safety continues, Goldie Hawn’s story serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of feeling secure in one’s own home and the need for a concerted effort to combat the rising tide of criminal activity in Los Angeles and beyond.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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