Tom Cotton Exposes a Shocking Double Standard in Law Enforcement: Find Out What He Said!

Tom Cotton Exposes a Shocking Double Standard in Law Enforcement: Find Out What He Said!
Tom Cotton Exposes a Shocking Double Standard in Law Enforcement: Find Out What He Said!
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CNN host, Jake Tapper, seemed determined to push Senator Tom Cotton into backing a legislative ban on bump stocks after a recent Supreme Court ruling. Yet Senator Cotton shot back at the left-wing’s hypocrisy about law enforcement and the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court recently launched a ruling overturning the Trump-era ban on bump stocks, devices which allegedly make firearms more deadly. The ban was initially linked to a horrific shooting in Las Vegas in 2017 which was the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history. When asked about his opinion, Cotton first addressed the significance of the Supreme Court’s action itself.

Cotton noted that for years, Democrats, such as Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden, have taken shots at the Supreme Court because its center-right constitutional majority doesn’t align with their leftist agenda. On Friday, however, the six Republican-appointed justices overturned a Trump Administration regulation, which is the direct opposite of the outcomes-based judiciary that Democrats have accused the Court of for years.

When the conversation turned to the ban on bump stocks, Cotton highlighted that before anything can be passed that impacts the rights of law-abiding American citizens, we need to address more pressing issues, namely violent crime and gun crimes. Not shying away from showing the true color of his political opposites, Cotton added that his proposals to enforce harsher punishments for gun felons had been met with resistance by Democrats, who he accuses of rejecting tough criminal penalties.

According to Cotton, the attention needs to be shifted onto more urgent matters like our border crisis, which he says is a crime-breeding ground. He cited the tragic case of Rachel Morin, a young mother murdered by an illegal immigrant with a criminal past. Cotton’s retort: how about Biden gets serious about immigrant crime instead of just doling out amnesty to over a million illegal immigrants.

Cotton also stated that banning bump stocks is possibly infringing on the Second Amendment, but what’s more important is to address crime in this country and get tough on it. Our law enforcement and criminal justice system need to be more assertive in dealing with crimes and enforcing punishments.

Ironically, we’re left to ponder on the media’s fixation on criticizing the Court’s repeal of the ban rather than breaking down the substance of the ruling and the potential implications of a reversing Chevron. Tapper coyly asked Cotton if he’d support a ban through legislative process rather than through administrative regulation, yet, he promptly switched gears to other issues that automatically paint Republicans in a challenging position.

Senator Cotton, however, remained unfazed. He highlighted left’s inconsistency when it comes to enforcing law, bringing up violent protests and defacement of veterans’ statues right across the street from the White House, that went unpunished. He also criticized the complacency of certain democratic-elected prosecutors towards tackling violent crimes.

What we’ve seen from the media is another refusal to delve into the real issues of the day, the substantial things Americans care about, instead favoring gun bans and other aimless debates. The failure of the media to focus on serious concerns on behalf of the American citizens do us a real disservice.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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