Unbelievable! ‘Washington Week’ Panel Unites in High-Speed Defense of Biden’s Justice Department Amid ‘Weaponization’ Claims!

Unbelievable! 'Washington Week' Panel Unites in High-Speed Defense of Biden's Justice Department Amid 'Weaponization' Claims!
Unbelievable! 'Washington Week' Panel Unites in High-Speed Defense of Biden's Justice Department Amid 'Weaponization' Claims!
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We’re living in a day where it seems you might need a full-blown investigation to criticize the Biden Justice Department, at least according to fill-in host Lisa Desjardins from PBS’s Washington Week. Recently, she set a towering precedent for Republicans to reach before they can voice concerns regarding the prevailing justice system.

This development occurred amidst a discussion on Attorney General Merrick Garland, the Democrat, who has been recently voted into contempt by the House of Representatives. Evidently, Garland’s written piece in the Washington Post, dismissing Republican criticism of the Biden Justice Department as “baseless, personal, and dangerous”, sparked this conversation.

Is it not ironical that Garland, just because he’s a Democrat, is naturally assumed to be nonpartisan while any Trump Attorney General is always seen as an active participant in some looming authoritarianism? The grounds for Garland’s contempt are notable – his Justice Department’s noncompliance to release Special Counsel Robert Hur’s audio interview with President Biden discussing Biden’s past handling of classified documents, as required by a congressional subpoena.

Desjardins tried to sideline this critical reality and instead chatted about the supposedly unusual act of Garland publishing an article in The Washington Post. Leaving out the larger picture, she talked about how Garland posted the write-up a day before Republicans voted him into contempt due to the Biden classified documents case.

Desjardins then confronted Republican efforts to expose the alleged ‘weaponization’ of the Justice Department head-on, dismissively stating, “Republicans have offered just a few examples of weaponization.” In truth, the “few” examples reflect the gravity of a much larger issue at hand, which these liberal reporters seem reluctant to acknowledge. By refusing to report on the alleged surveillance of Catholic churches by the FBI and the aggressive house raid of Mark Houck, a Pennsylvania-based anti-abortion protester, they demonstrate a clear bias in their reporting.

The allegation that the Biden DOJ has been weaponizing the Department, evidenced by their prosecution of January 6 riot suspects, still isn’t seen as substantial enough by some. However, it’s clear that Republicans will, and should, continue addressing these issues, contrary to the liberal media’s expectation for them to quietly accept the partisan Justice Department’s accusation of “danger.”

In conclusion, the mainstream media has shown an alarming bias while reporting on this issue, often neglecting or misrepresenting the Republican viewpoint. Despite numerous examples of questionable partisan behavior by the Biden Justice Department, their narrative continues to favor the Democrats. It’s clear that unless we look past this unbalanced coverage, the real issues plaguing our justice system will never come to light.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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