Exclusive: Insider Scoop on the Power Player Shaking Up Bidenomics – Find Out Who!

Exclusive: Insider Scoop on the Power Player Shaking Up Bidenomics - Find Out Who!
Exclusive: Insider Scoop on the Power Player Shaking Up Bidenomics - Find Out Who!
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Here’s the truth: The New York Times is still toeing the Bidenomics party line. Just take a look at Farah Stockman, a board member of the Times, who spent over a thousand words gushing over the so-called “brains” behind Biden’s economic policies.

Stockman practically sung a symphony for Jennifer Harris, President Joe Biden’s one-time Senior Director of International Economics for the National Security Council. She referred to her as the “silent power” behind Biden’s economic fiasco that’s been throwing Americans into a rollercoaster ride of soaring costs of living. Despite the societal turmoil, it appears there’s some kind of admiration or even infatuation there.

Interestingly, Stockman conveniently left out that thanks to this “Nerd Justice League,” as Harris put it, American consumers now shell out an extra 15 percent for everyday items; that’s a whopping $9,000 yearly additional burden for the average household, a practical illustration of Bidenomics by economist Kevin Cochrane.

It’s the Times board member’s refusal to accept reality about this administration’s failure in economic management that’s baffling. Stockman insists that Biden arrived with a plan to build an economy giving workers their fair share, a plan inspired by Harris. It only takes a glance around to see that narrative is disillusioned at best.

Houses are skipping meals due to surging food prices. Many Americans are scrambling to pay their bills as wages lag behind inflation. Americans are so cash-strapped they’re maxing out their credit cards, with a whole third of them falling into credit delinquency. Yet, Stockman dares to insinuate that us Americans, suffering under this economic catastrophe, are getting Bidenomics all wrong.

She argued that the efforts of Biden’s economic team are misunderstood. The buzzwords “Bidenomics” and “Build Back Better” are falling flat. Maybe, Stockman says, Americans care more about affording groceries than worrying about long-term economic promises. But make no mistake: The financial strain we’re enduring isn’t a misunderstanding; it’s reality. Americans are grappling with $18,118 on average every year, just upkeep for a single-family home. That’s a hefty jump of 26 percent from before.

So, it’s Stockman’s dismissive attitude towards struggling Americans, her rose-tinted view of Bidenomics, that display exactly how out of touch the media is. Reporting with a Biden-centric lens only takes them further from reality, while Americans’ pockets are bleeding dry.

The bare bones of it is, the conservative view is under siege. We should pick up the phone, call The New York Times at 1 (800) 698-4637, and tell them to reject Stockman’s misguided applause of Bidenomics.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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