Is This a Conspiracy? Ex-Senator Heidi Heitkamp and CNBC Suggest Shocking Biden G-7 Video Could be a Deepfake!

Is This a Conspiracy? Ex-Senator Heidi Heitkamp and CNBC Suggest Shocking Biden G-7 Video Could be a Deepfake!
Is This a Conspiracy? Ex-Senator Heidi Heitkamp and CNBC Suggest Shocking Biden G-7 Video Could be a Deepfake!
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Irrefutable evidence that brings discomfort to a certain group of people will always find its detractors pulling all strings to try and disprove its authenticity. Democrats and their media cronies are no exception. An interesting spectacle is unfolding at CNBC, where their newfound defense against viral videos that stray from their narrative is labeling them as ‘deepfake’ creations. They were quick to defend Biden when a footage revealing his apparent cognitive decline during the G-7 summit surfaced.

Kelly Evans, the host of The Exchange on CNBC, launched an on-air debate questioning the legitimacy of an unsettling clip featuring the President. The footage showed Biden mysteriously wandering off at a skydiving exhibition during the G-7 meeting in Italy, triggering concerns about his mental state. Evans and Heidi Heitkamp, a former Democrat Senator and current CNBC contributor, sought to discredit the video’s authenticity.

Seizing the moment, Evans asked her audience if Congress should regulate AI-generated deep fake industry. The timing and nature of this question indicate an attempt to subtly suggest the clip of Biden was potentially a deep fake. What made their explanation even more far-fetched was the existence of a second video of the same incident shot from a different angle, which also showed Biden drifting away from the group.

“The thing about that video is it was first alt — not altered, but the dimensions were changed by the RNC,” Heitkamp tried to explain to the viewers. This flimsy defense didn’t do much to assuage the incriminating evidence against Biden, despite Heitkamp’s attempts to appeal to emotions and reputational risks for news outlets that had shared the video.

What they label as the “real video” is the same scene but recorded from a different angle. Naturally, this doesn’t make the first video less authentic or credible. It’s evident in both clips how quickly the Italian Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, had to fetch the distracted President, indicating the veracity of the event.

The audacity of Evans and Heitkamp to insinuate that the viewers could be duped by such precarious defense is mind-boggling. It’s clear their ploy is to downplay the implications concerning Biden’s health in this incident. They should realize their CNBC audience is too intelligent to swallow this comical explanation based on negligible evidence. Normal people instantly scoff at the absurd notion that footage shot from different angles implies that one has been faked or altered.

The insistence of Democrats and their media allies on fabricating explanations to whitewash incidents that reflect poorly on them is diverting the focus away from the real issues. Let’s hope we return to the days of responsible journalism instead of being subjected to reckless narratives backed by inadequate assertions.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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