Shocking Revelations: Only CBS Network Dares to Reveal Latest Collapse in Biden’s Port!

Shocking Revelations: Only CBS Network Dares to Reveal Latest Collapse in Biden's Port!
Shocking Revelations: Only CBS Network Dares to Reveal Latest Collapse in Biden's Port!
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It seems that “Port Biden” a U.S.-built humanitarian pier in Gaza, continues to be a thorn in the side of the Biden Administration, thanks to its inability to actually function as intended. The mainstream media, with the exception of CBS, have remained conspicuously silent on the latest failure of the pier.

Behind the scenes, Chris Livesay, a correspondent for CBS, reported on the fragile situation in Gaza, including the breakdown of Israel’s war cabinet and an attempt to implement a temporary halt in the fighting to allow for desperately needed relief supplies to enter Gaza. However, Livesay stipulates that the U.S.’s much-touted humanitarian pier is, yet again, in need of repair due to inclement weather conditions, with officials hoping it will finally be back in working order soon.

While ABC and NBC chose not to report on this embarrassing mishap, it’s hardly the first time the pier has suffered from structural issues leading to necessary repair – aspects which were previously skimmed over by the two networks as well. The lacks from ABC suggest a strong allegiance to current administration, with no desire to highlight its failings.

Imagine for a moment if Trump was still in the Oval Office. Can you envision the coverage this blunder would receive? It seems we are stuck with the hand we’ve been dealt when it comes to the media. Without those who are willing to report factually and frankly about the administration’s failings, it seems we’re left with little choice but to accept this new reality.

In their report on the CBS Evening News, Livesay explained the tense situation in Israel, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dissolving his war cabinet amidst increasing frustration. Meanwhile, the unstable ceasefire leaves displaced citizens left to question when aid will finally reach them. It paints a bleak picture, with the U.S.’s humanitarian pier yet again unable to provide the necessary support.

To sum up, “Port Biden,” the supposedly “humanitarian” pier, continues to remain a monument to failed U.S. intervention. It’s a stark reminder of the problems that arise when grant-giving takes precedent over effective solutions. Despite a lack of coverage from mainstream outlets, it’s essential to shine a light on these shortcomings, only by acknowledging our failures can we hope to learn from them. In the end, it’s clear that no matter who’s in the White House, we deserve transparent reporting from all media, not just those aligned with our personal politics.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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