You Won’t Believe How Nicolle Wallace Defends ‘Misleading’ Aged Biden Videos!

You Won't Believe How Nicolle Wallace Defends 'Misleading' Aged Biden Videos!
You Won't Believe How Nicolle Wallace Defends 'Misleading' Aged Biden Videos!
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MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace’s recent claim that video coverage circulates “cheapfakes” of President Biden is downright ludicrous. Yes, conservative media provides different angles to liberal narratives, enabling the public to exercise critical analysis. However, her attack on such outlets, in turn, creating a false narrative that suggests conservative media solely exists to undermine Biden’s credibility, isn’t doing her any favors.

Wallace’s issue is with the portrayal of President Biden. She criticizes conservatives for pointing out his occasional confusion, dubbing such coverage as “insidious attacks.” Meanwhile, she develops an artful narrative in which every controversial moment of President Biden is dismissed, and any probe into Trump’s character is elevated to the status of gospel truth.

Let’s consider Wallace’s indignation over a New York Post headline that described Biden’s awkwardness at a Los Angeles fundraiser. The episode had Obama, supposedly, leading Biden off the stage. Wallace claimed that the original video, posted by Biden’s finance chair, showed Biden reacting to applause. What Wallace didn’t mention was that the New York Post video gave a clearer perspective, with Obama visibly nudging Biden off stage. Are these legitimate grounds for Wallace to call the Post’s coverage a cheap fake? Or is this just another feeble attempt to deflect attention from Biden’s public gaffes?

Adding to this asinine narrative are people like podcast host Tim Miller, who claims Rupert Murdoch’s media outlets manufacture such incidences. Let’s remind Miller and his ilk that free and fair media doesn’t exist to pander to the whims of politicians, it exists to hold them accountable. Have we not established already that all politicians, regardless of their party affiliations, are subject to criticism? Let’s retire this false narrative that only those recognized by Miller and Wallace can execute political analysis.

Wallace continues her tirade by encouraging leftists to sink to “base standards” to win the election. What she’s overlooking is the fact that media should be facilitating a fair and open discussion, not resorting to underhand tactics to forward a particular narrative. The pot, it seems, is forever calling the kettle black.

The bottom line: it’s preposterous for Wallace to claim that the conservative media is vilifying Biden when his gaffes are out there for everyone to see. Wallace feels that editing videos of Biden to show his comedic blunders is unsporting, hardly acknowledging the fact that conservatives are equally treated to smeared narratives by liberal media outlets. The high road, it seems, is a concept alien to MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace.


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