Shocking Revelation: Could Biden’s Dementia be the Ultimate Game Changer in 2024, Just Like Hunter’s Laptop?

Shocking Revelation: Could Biden's Dementia be the Ultimate Game Changer in 2024, Just Like Hunter's Laptop?
Shocking Revelation: Could Biden's Dementia be the Ultimate Game Changer in 2024, Just Like Hunter's Laptop?
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Buckle up folks, because again in 2024, we’re witnessing the media engage in a display of rigorous defense to protect Joe Biden from the undeniable consequences of his evident cognitive decline. Once more, the mainstream media is applying a full-court press over an inconvenient truth just like they did in 2020 with Hunter Biden’s laptop scandal.

In the 2020 election, media outlets buried crucial details from the Hunter Biden laptop story by dismissing them as Russian disinformation motifs. Now, in 2024, they are doing the same with another burning issue – Joe Biden’s increasingly noticeable mental decline. Knowing the potential damage, media organizations are ready to adopt the narrative of “cheap fakes” handed down by the White House, to explain away evidences of Biden’s dwindling cognitive capacity.

CBS’s Chief White House Correspondent, Nancy Cordes, pulled a similar move. On her segment, ‘America Decides’, she began by downplaying a video that showed Biden aloof at the G7 summit, insisting that Biden was realistically engaged with a military member participating in a skydiving demonstration. On the ground facts, however, reveal that Biden had strayed from a group photo – an action witnessed and corrected by the Italian Prime Minister Georgia Meloni herself.

The attempt to divert attention away from Biden’s muddled conduct continues with Nancy Cordes bringing in the ‘disinformation expert’, Rhona Tarrant, from CBS to imply that these videos might have been manipulated or edited. Cordes’ stance throughout the interview strongly suggested that these videos could affect the election outcome, essentially trying to downplay their importance and shield Biden.

Just like in 1984 George Orwell’s dystopian masterpiece where citizens are demanded to reject the evidence of their eyes and ears, today’s media is pushing the same propaganda. They are trying to control the narrative, skimming over the big picture of Biden’s sharp mental decline, offering an alternative reality where ‘all is well.’

Much like the 2020 laptop scandal, the media is now trying to shelter Biden from the flood of videos demonstrating his mental decline. It appears that they are willing to go the extra mile to ensure that the inconvenient truth doesn’t upset their apple cart. This is the 2024 equivalent of the 2020 Hunter’s laptop scandal – the media, once again dictating what you should and should not believe.

In conclusion, we must remain vigilant against such media bias and gaslighting attempts. As responsible citizens, we must insist on painting the full picture, not just the snippets that support a particular narrative. It seems astoundingly clear that the mainstream media is more focused on protecting Biden, rather than delivering undiluted truth to the public. One has to wonder, where does their true allegiance lie?


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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