Shocking Truth Unveiled: Brian Stelter Exposes Fake Clips of Biden’s Errors and Calls Out ‘Information Pollution’ – Hear It Now On Our Podcast!

Shocking Truth Unveiled: Brian Stelter Exposes Fake Clips of Biden's Errors and Calls Out 'Information Pollution' - Hear It Now On Our Podcast!
Shocking Truth Unveiled: Brian Stelter Exposes Fake Clips of Biden's Errors and Calls Out 'Information Pollution' - Hear It Now On Our Podcast!
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Brian Stelter of CNN is back in the limelight, selling the dubious notion that Joe Biden’s gaffe-packed videos are mostly “made up.” But let’s be real: the so-called “made up” footage isn’t a concoction, it’s evidence.

Stelter went toe-to-toe with Abby Phillip, CNN’s resident host, trying to sort out what’s being “misrepresented” in Biden’s public appearances. Stelter confidently declared, “This is a significant issue. This is far from a tall tale. Though the videos might sometimes be concocted, the problem they highlight is all too tangible.”

Stelter attempts to pit the mighty anti-Trump Biden ads against the power of “unsightly Instagram clips” and New York Post’s front-page stories. He seems to be questioning if “information pollution” could potentially overrule conventional means of communication.

Noticeably, prominent journalists don’t seem perturbed about losing their season-ticket-holding viewers. Instead, their concern lies with the casual voters who may not even recognize their face or voice. These swing voters trade memes, watch Instagram reels, and TikTok videos like they’re consuming morning coffee. Stelter makes a half-hearted effort to imply this applies to various age demographics. However, let’s not be fooled; Democrats are on edge about their key voter base – the young and the minorities. No matter what they say in public, Democrats are way more anxious about their electoral chances than they let on.

Mainstream media roundtables, including CNN, try to label Biden’s gaffe-centered clips as “doctored” or inherently deceptive due to their hard-hitting depiction of Biden’s failing moments. But despite what Stelter suggests about complete context, one cannot ignore the selective narrative spun by CNN and other Biden-leaning networks. They are no strangers to pulling out curated clips from Biden’s speeches—no, not the entire 40-minute spiel—but selective snippets they deem “in context.” But here’s the kicker: when Biden stumbles verbally, those clips are conveniently left on the cutting room floor. Isn’t that more out of context than showing the bumbles? It’s funny how it becomes “bonafide” when it favors Biden.

To top it all off, there’s a new ear-catching theme tune being rolled out on a podcast approaching its fourth anniversary. Kick back and enjoy it, whether on a dedicated channel or wherever else you catch your dose of the show.

To wrap things up, here’s some hard truth for you – turning a blind eye won’t change facts. By glossing over Biden’s gaffes, journalists like Stelter are doing a disservice to the public in a desperate bid to tip the scales. As much as they might try to stifle it, the truth has a funny way of coming to light.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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