Whoopi Goldberg Outraged Over Lack of Youthful Activism: ‘We Had No Choice But to Protest!’

Whoopi Goldberg Outraged Over Lack of Youthful Activism: 'We Had No Choice But to Protest!'
Whoopi Goldberg Outraged Over Lack of Youthful Activism: 'We Had No Choice But to Protest!'
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When it comes to rewriting reality, “The View” does it better than anyone else. Case in point: Whoopi Goldberg arguing young people don’t stand up and protest anymore. This coming after a slew of radical protest movements swept the nation and campuses recently.

Recently on “The View,” Obama’s aversion to a political future for his daughters spurred a lament from ABC moderator, Whoopi Goldberg. She worried aloud that politics had become too ugly, driving away the younger generation. Co-host Joy Behar echoed her sentiment, turning nostalgic for the Obama years and decrying the birther controversy fuelled by Donald Trump.

Adding her voice to the chorus, Sunny Hostin, not exactly a beacon of fairness, argued that because of enduring racial prejudice, many African-American mothers would steer their children away from politics. She made a point, however, to remind everyone that we needed “less influencers and more leaders” and “fresh blood”.

She also passed the buck onto younger folks, implying they have an inability to form unbiased opinions due to a preoccupation with personal branding. Here’s a classic example of irony, given that celebrities often hide behind their brands to peddle their agendas.

Whoopi, in particular, tried to argue that young people don’t protest or engage politically anymore. This is an audacious claim in light of recent nationwide BLM protests, pro-Hamas campus encampments, and verbal threats to Congress over banning TikTok.

Interestingly, Goldberg failed to provide any evidence backing her claim nor did she manage to reconcile this notion with the existence of recent violent protests. Her solution? A vague expectation that young people somehow rise to their level of activism.

Now, it’s a well-known fact that the politics of nations rely heavily on the participation and leadership of its youth. Their fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and burning desire to usher in change are invaluable. Shoving these young citizens into the shadows merely because their way of protest or political standpoints are not palatable to some, is truly disconcerting.

To sum up, it’s evident that the views shared on “The View” are far removed from the reality of youthful activism in contemporary America. Their misrepresentation of the scenario, under the guise of worry for younger generations, is a flagrant attempt to push their narrative. But rest assured, a mere TV show cannot diminish the significance of young voices continuing to champion their causes across the nation.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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