You Won’t Believe What This NBC Reporter Discovered About the Terrifying Anti-CRT Movement in Texas!

You Won't Believe What This NBC Reporter Discovered About the Terrifying Anti-CRT Movement in Texas!
You Won't Believe What This NBC Reporter Discovered About the Terrifying Anti-CRT Movement in Texas!
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There’s a fresh tale making waves, and the left is twisting it to fit their narrative: demons, painted as conservatives, started a so-called “war” in a school district, drawing it battle lines. NBC reporter Mike Hixenbaugh talks of his new expose “They Came for the Schools,” with PBS promoting it like it’s the left’s latest ammunition.

Hixenbaugh tells a story centered on Southlake, Texas. The humble town turned national attention-magnet when parents dared to question how Critical Race Theory was making its way into their kids’ schooling. To them, it seemed an insidious push to dictate a certain vision of American history.

Enter Hixenbaugh, with his “riveting and insightful” revelations of the “anti-Critical Race Theory movement.” He portrays conservative parents as villains, accusing them of banning pertinent discussions of race, slavery, and sexual orientation.

Interestingly enough, Hixenbaugh seems to forget that the introduction of the divisive Cultural Competence Action Plan in the South Lake district was met with firm resistance by parents, many conservatives themselves.

He overlooks the fact that these parents only expressed concern when they saw their school district being driven into the frenzy of radical leftist ideology. An ideology that paints everyone unsupportive of their agenda as a dangerous threat to society.

The so-called “progressive” journalist wouldn’t skip the chance to pass off the concerned parents as treacherous. Invoking Chris Rufo, a figurehead in the fight against Critical Race Theory, he crafts a unflattering portrait and all but declares him an ill-intentioned intruder.

Hixenbaugh failed to explain how the “Christian right” aimed for more inclusion of faith in the school system. He labeled their actions as attempts to undermine foundational principles. Missing the point, he boycotted the idea that the integration of Christian symbols and teachings wasn’t to push a religious agenda, but to offer a much-needed spiritual and moral counterbalance.

His reporting continues down a conveniently skewed path, touting victories of the so-called “resistance,” suggesting optimism that the leftist narrative will ultimately prevail. Witness once again, the media’s biased portrayal of conservatives as villains disrupting America’s progress.

In the end, it’s nothing but the same old tale. Cherry-picked facts, vilified conservatives, and a narrative that paints the left as the martyrs. Truth be told, there’s a real war at hand. It’s about parental rights, educational freedom, and resistance against political indoctrination in schools. Parents refusing to let the woke narrative monopolize their children’s education shouldn’t be painted as villains. That’s the real story here.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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