Alec Baldwin Accused of ‘Horseplay’ with Gun in New ‘Rust’ Shooting Court Docs

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New Court Documents Allege Alec Baldwin ‘Engaged in Horseplay’ with Gun on ‘Rust’ Set

In a startling development in the ongoing “Rust” shooting case, new court documents have shed light on actor Alec Baldwin’s alleged behavior on set prior to the tragic incident that claimed the life of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins in 2021. Prosecutors have filed documents detailing a series of allegations against the 66-year-old actor, painting a picture of reckless gun handling and disregard for safety protocols.

The court filing, which outlines the prosecution’s case against Baldwin, claims that the actor requested the “biggest” gun available for his role in the Western film. This decision, prosecutors argue, set the stage for a series of dangerous actions that ultimately led to the fatal shooting.

According to the documents, Baldwin is accused of mishandling the firearm in multiple ways during the production. Prosecutors allege that the actor “used his gun as a pointer directing crew members,” a practice strictly forbidden in proper firearm safety protocols on film sets. Moreover, the filing states that Baldwin “discharged the revolver after the filming was over and ‘cut’ was called,” further demonstrating a cavalier attitude towards gun safety.

Perhaps most alarmingly, the court documents claim that Baldwin “engaged in horseplay with the revolver while making videos.” This behavior allegedly included pointing the gun at a crew member and firing a blank round “while using that crew member as a line of sight as his perceived target.” Such actions, if proven true, would represent a severe breach of on-set safety standards and potentially criminal negligence.

The prosecution’s filing also alleges that Baldwin repeatedly placed his finger on the trigger of the revolver during scenes that did not require any shooting, further emphasizing a pattern of unsafe gun handling. These claims directly contradict Baldwin’s previous statements that he never pulled the trigger of the gun that killed Hutchins.

Adding to the gravity of the situation, prosecutors assert that when filming resumed in Montana a year after Hutchins’ death, Baldwin was “insistent that he not be required to follow safety recommendations made by film set safety experts.” This alleged refusal to adhere to enhanced safety measures following the tragic incident raises serious questions about the actor’s commitment to preventing future accidents.

Baldwin has pleaded not guilty to the manslaughter charges and has consistently maintained his innocence. His legal team has attempted to have the charges dismissed and reportedly rejected a plea deal offered by prosecutors.

The case has already seen one conviction, with “Rust” set armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed being sentenced to 18 months in prison after being found guilty of involuntary manslaughter earlier this year. Baldwin’s trial, however, promises to be a high-profile and contentious affair, with these new allegations likely to play a central role in the prosecution’s case.

Amidst the legal proceedings, Baldwin has announced plans to star in a reality show featuring his family, including his wife Hilaria and their seven children. This move has been met with criticism from some quarters, including celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred, who suggested it might be an attempt to influence potential jurors by presenting Baldwin as a sympathetic family man.

As the trial date approaches, these new allegations have reignited public interest in the case and raised fresh questions about on-set safety practices in the film industry. The tragic death of Halyna Hutchins continues to cast a long shadow over Hollywood, serving as a stark reminder of the potential consequences of lax safety protocols and irresponsible behavior on film sets.

The outcome of Baldwin’s trial could have far-reaching implications for the entertainment industry, potentially leading to stricter gun safety regulations and more rigorous enforcement of existing protocols. As the legal process unfolds, all eyes will be on the New Mexico courtroom, waiting to see how these serious allegations against one of Hollywood’s most recognizable actors will be addressed.

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