Colbert Explosively Challenges Shocking Study on Gun Owners and their Self-Confidence ‘Down There’!

Colbert Explosively Challenges Shocking Study on Gun Owners and their Self-Confidence 'Down There'!
Colbert Explosively Challenges Shocking Study on Gun Owners and their Self-Confidence 'Down There'!
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Attention, folks! The liberals’ quirky theory connecting gun ownership with compensating for a perceived lack of manhood has been shot down. Apparently, this doesn’t sit too well with everyone, especially The Late Show’s Stephen Colbert, who preferred deteriorating into the old tired “men lie” narrative to accepting the groundbreaking findings.

The study, hailing from the University of Texas, found that men satisfied with their manhood are more likely to be gun owners. This affirmation, according to the experts, proves the size-of-gun-to-size-of-manhood theory wrong. Colbert, perhaps unwilling to relinquish an ever-popular joke from his repertoire, insisted on sticking to the now debunked notion, flippantly suggesting it’s all about fibbing men.

Colbert, in a seemingly jesting conversation between a gun owner and a researcher, illustrates his comedic undertone. The dialogue packed with references to the man’s big and strong genitalia, ultimately takes the gun owner to suggest he could shoot the researcher with his “tiny, rump penis”. Droll, isn’t it?

Colbert’s followers and other liberals have long held onto their pet theory regarding the reasons for gun ownership. The focus had been on attributing the ownership of a firearm to the owner’s perception of their manhood. The real and rational reasons for owning a firearm, such as the need for self-defense or mere fondness for going to the range, were embarrassingly overlooked in the process. Moreover, they forgot about the countless female gun owners out there.

But hey, when the scientific establishment debunks their staple light-hearted mockery, it seems like Colbert and his ilk are at a loss. Guess they need new material now.

In the transcript of the June 20 show, we find Colbert sardonically revisiting the fallen hypothesis. Filling his dialogue with contestable assumptions, he anchors his argument on the premise that men lie. However, this dismissive approach does the conversation around gun ownership and society a great disservice.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, here’s the takeaway. The study has put to bed a liberal notion that had more in common with ridicule than reason. Colbert’s hardly convincing retort only serves to delegitimize an important socio-political conversation. Instead of clinging to debunked theories and reducing them to worn-out punchlines, it’s high time we began examining and appreciating the complexities of gun ownership.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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