Ex-Nevada AG Laxalt Exposes Shocking FAA DEI Discrimination on Fox Business – You Won’t Believe What He Says!

Ex-Nevada AG Laxalt Exposes Shocking FAA DEI Discrimination on Fox Business - You Won't Believe What He Says!
Ex-Nevada AG Laxalt Exposes Shocking FAA DEI Discrimination on Fox Business - You Won't Believe What He Says!
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Adam Laxalt, Nevada’s former Attorney General, took to Fox Business to call out the Biden-led Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). He’s spotlighting a major issue: the FAA’s placing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) above safety and efficiency. Interestingly, this is not about political correctness but about Americans’ lives at stake.

On The Bottom Line show, Laxalt was frank about the problem. The FAA’s departure from merit-based hiring for DEI purposes is compromising safety. This isn’t a mere speculation, but a reality forcing us to question the priorities of those running the show. Air traffic control issues, much to our concerns, aren’t coming out of the blue. “We’re seeing Boeing having problems and all sorts of control problems where you have near misses on runways,” Laxalt lamented.

Laxalt didn’t allow the blame to rest solely on the FAA managers. He threw light onto another essential point: flight delays. If you’ve hopped onto a plane recently, you might resonate with his concern. Delays have suddenly become commonplace. We’ve all been there, stuck in the plane or the airport for hours, becoming casualties of the faulty air traffic control system.

But Laxalt and his team at Mountain States Legal Foundation, where he co-counsels, are fighting back. His law firm lodged a suit against the FAA. Why? Because the FAA is recruiting air traffic controllers, turning away potential hires who don’t fit their DEI quotas, creating a serious safety issue. “I looked on the website today, and they are trying to recruit air traffic controllers, because of the suit we filed on behalf of nearly a 1,000 potential air traffic controllers turned away because they were too white,” Laxalt elaborated.

Laxalt pulled no punches in explaining what was happening. But this isn’t just one man’s opinion – it’s a concern voiced consistently by the Mountain States Legal Foundation. They’ve been fighting for years against the allegedly racially discriminatory hiring practices in the FAA. They’re even leading a lawsuit, Brigida v. U.S. Department of Transportation, challenging the FAA’s replacement of its “skill-based system” for hiring air traffic controllers with what Laxalt shrewdly pointed out as a “biographical questionnaire.”

Andrew Brigida, the leading plaintiff of the lawsuit, found himself turned away from the FAA because he wasn’t their preferred ethnic profile. He, like many others, stands against the FAA’s disregard for record, training, qualifications, and proficiency.

This is a wake-up call, dear conservatives. It isn’t about racial divides or political ideologies, it’s about ensuring Americans’ safety. Leftist DEI ideology that is worming its way into corporate America is harming the integrity and safety of critical services. Meritocracy is being overrun by forced diversity. And if we don’t take up our responsibilities, like Laxalt is doing, we might just be sleepwalking into a potential disaster.


Next News Network Team

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