Shocking Unveiling: The Devastating Houston Migrant Murder Covered EXCLUSIVELY by Univision & Telemundo!

Shocking Unveiling: The Devastating Houston Migrant Murder Covered EXCLUSIVELY by Univision & Telemundo!
Shocking Unveiling: The Devastating Houston Migrant Murder Covered EXCLUSIVELY by Univision & Telemundo!
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An appalling act of violence has once again shrouded our nation in dismay. A girl, merely 12 years of age, was brutally murdered, and shockingly, the perpetrators were two illegal aliens, who by all means, shouldn’t have been here. The mainstream media, unflinchingly, turned a blind eye towards this horrendous act, leaving Telemundo as the only vivid voice reporting the unspeakable crime.

The young girl, Jocelyn Nungaray, was strangled and her life was cut short in the brutal hands of two men from Venezuela, unlawfully here. These men had just squirmed their way across the border, making it clear that our border protection is insufficient. They cunningly manipulated the overwhelmed border agents with their sob stories about fearing for their lives and were essentially waved into our country. This gross exploitation of our system of immigration should ring deafening alarm bells across the nation.

Broadcast giants like ABC, CBS, and NBC conveniently skipped this painful story. Their lack of coverage speaks volumes about their selective storytelling and skewed agenda. Instead of covering this dreadful crime, it appears NBC found it more critical to report on the economy from a boat in Maine. The absence of this story from their platforms undeniably exposes their allegiance to a narrative that’s turning a blind eye to a key root problem: illegal immigration.

On the contrary, Telemundo and Univision should be commended for their reporting. Although their coverage left out some vital details and was far from perfect, at least they made an effort to bring this crime to the forefront. Their courage to report on such cases, that involve illegal immigrants, is commendable, as it goes against the current of mainstream media.

The accused are 21-year-old Johan Jose Rangel Martinez and 26-year-old Franklin Jose Pena Ramos. Reports depict that Pena Ramos crossed into El Paso, Texas, on May 28 and was released soon afterward, while Rangel Martinez crossed on March 14 and was similarly set free with a future court date. Their audacious move to take an innocent life soon after crossing the border exhibits a deep-seated issue that needs desperate intervention.

This is one among several instances where illegal immigrants have inflicted violence upon U.S citizens. It’s high time we tackle the problem of illegal immigration and revamp our systems that are inviting such elements into the country unchecked. It is imperative for us to protect our citizens against these crimes.

In conclusion, this dreadful incident should remind everyone who’s zoning out the harsh realities of illegal immigration of the potential peril it brings. The horrifying death of a 12-year-old girl, allegedly at the hands of trespassers, is a wake-up call for our nation. It’s time we stop enabling such repulsive acts by turning a blind eye to this ongoing problem. America deserves better, and Jocelyn deserved better. This crime and others like it need to be part of the national conversation. We need to demand accountability and seek justice for our people.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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