You Won’t Believe What Maher Said About the Ten Commandments – His Words Will Shock You!

You Won't Believe What Maher Said About the Ten Commandments - His Words Will Shock You!
You Won't Believe What Maher Said About the Ten Commandments - His Words Will Shock You!
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“Bill Maher, the Left’s darling on HBO, dropped jaws again recently by attacking Louisiana’s new law requiring the Ten Commandments to be displayed in public schools. He doubled down by suggesting the Judeo-Christian moral code is a relic from the “Bronze Age” that has “hardly any morals.” He also crudely accuses God of having a big ego.

Maher’s most recent controversial statements came during a panel discussion with New York’s ex-Governor Andrew Cuomo and Adam Kinzinger, a former Illinois Rep. The host dismissed the first four Commandments, those about respecting our Creator, as an exercise in divine ego-tripping. He mocked the commandment to honor one’s parents, implying its obviousness – a point he strangely failed to apply to other key moral principles.

Subsequently, Maher breezed past the prohibition on murder and stealing, pausing only to make a cheap dig at Donald Trump over the commandment regarding adultery. Closing out his critique of the Commandments, Maher scoffed at their age and relevance and chided them for not specifically mentioning rape, slavery, or child abuse offenses. Talk about missing the forest for the trees!

Here’s what Maher fails to see: many offensive acts that he raised, such as rape, slavery, and child abuse, would break, at a minimum, the existing commandments against stealing, covetousness, and potentially murder. And let’s not forget that these “Bronze Age” morals have endured far longer than any modern ideology.

Paraphrasing Maher’s June 21 show, the TV host labeled almost the entire Ten Commandments as all about God’s “big ego.” He belittled the commandment urging respect for parents, scoffing that it’s obvious. The only commandments that won his respect are the prohibitions on killing and stealing. Even then, he couldn’t resist taking a swipe at Donald Trump over the adultery commandment. Rounding off his critique, he dismissed all the commandments as a “dumb, ancient bronze Age list.”

Maher’s rantings are regretful and reflect the inability of liberal elites to grasp the enduring value of the Ten Commandments. Ironically, by denouncing these moral principles, Maher himself is failing to uphold the very Commandment – thou shalt not bear false witness – that underpins honesty and integrity. Truly, it’s a crude and disrespectful stance, underscoring the perils of unchecked atheism and unabashed liberalism.”

In conclusion, when liberals like Maher willfully misrepresent the Ten Commandments and devalue their moral significance, it only reveals their lack of understanding. No one should hastily dismiss these enduring moral guidelines that have helped shape our civilization.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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